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What Color Rug Goes with a Blue Couch?

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How you decorate your interior will reflect your taste and creativity. Therefore, every detail in the room needs careful consideration, including the rug for your couch.

Choosing a suitable one for your sofa is not easy. You should know something about color matching. Thus, what color of rug goes with a blue couch?

Blue is pretty neutral, so dozens of rugs with different colors and patterns can match your blue couch. You can consult the suggestions in this post to pick the right rug for your interior design.

Let’s get right into the details!

Best Rugs for Blue Couches

Blue comes in various shades, so it can fit many colors and patterns. Below are some of the best rugs that go with blue couches.

Best Matching Colors

Different rug shades will bring your living room different vibes. You can combine the following rug colors with your blue couch to decorate your room.

Natural Tones

Natural Tones - Jute Rug with blue sofa
A natural jute rug will highlight your navy blue couch.

Colors of natural materials will highlight most of the blue shades. This combination creates a calm and natural atmosphere for your home. Natural tone rugs are perfect accessories for Scandinavian or eco interior style.

You can choose rugs made of unbleached cotton, traditional wool, or natural jute. Also, the size should be wider than the distance between the front legs of the couch.


Beige Rug with blue sofa
Light blue couch looks great with beige rug

Beige is a flexible color, and it can work well with blue to create your desired atmosphere.

If you want your room to be cozier, go for a warm beige rug. On the other hand, something with greyish beige shades will be the best choice for a more stylish interior.

However, there is something to keep in mind when choosing a beige rug for your blue couch. It is easy to get drowned in the background as the color of the couch is already saturated. The solution is to pick patterned beige rugs or some shag ones.

Besides, you should only use beige rugs in rooms that don’t have light paint color. Otherwise, the space will look empty and monotonous.

Charcoal Grey

charcoal rug with blue sofa
The combination of dark blue and charcoal gray brings balanced elegance to the room.

A dark blue couch will pair perfectly with a charcoal grey rug. This combination will make your space more elegant and balanced.

You can choose a grey rug with print if you like. Things will be more harmonious if you add some grey accessories to your sofa.

Light Grey

light gray rug with blue sofa
Light grey rug delicately pairs with light blue couch.

According to the “light to light, dark to dark” principle, Grey and blue will match best. So, light grey carpeting under an azure couch won’t let you down.

This arrangement will bring the feeling of a typical winter day. These colors give your space a cool neutral tone.

Some trendy light grey shades you can consider are smoky, stone, and pearl.


white rug for blue couch
White rug matches perfectly with navy blue velvet couch.

The versatility of white is undeniable, and it will match any hue of your chaise lounge and sofa. This tint symbolizes freshness, and it’s also reminiscent of summer days.

For the coastal style, white rugs with blue sofas remind you of sea breezes and sandy beaches. Therefore, if you want to bring this vibe to your room, a white rug can help.

In addition, white carpets are very suitable for tiny houses. The floor will appear to be larger with this item.

However, white will easily show unwanted debris, so you should consider buying a stain-resistant carpet. Also, remember to vacuum it regularly to keep it from dirt and dust and remain clean.


blue rug for blue couch
Blue couch and blue rug bring an overall harmony.

Matching the same tint of your couch and floor cloth is also a worth considering option. But you should create a texture contrast between these two items.

If your sofa is soft and fluffy, rugs should be smooth and flat. On the contrary, hard couches will go well with voluminous rugs.

Another idea for this monochromatic layout is the light-and-dark combination.

For example, you can set a navy or cobalt rug with a cerulean or turquoise divan and vice versa. The difference in shades will help create accents in the room and avoid boredom.


green rug with blue sofa
A green-tone rug will bring a natural ambiance to your living room.

Blue and green are two neighboring colors on the color circle. So, it’s not a bad idea to mix a green-tone rug with a blue couch.

If your sofa has a dark nuance, the best rug to match is an emerald green one. Similarly, light settees will work well with light and greyish green such as sage, mint, or jojoba.


red rug with blue sofa
Blue couch and red rug bring strength and prominence to the room.

You will have a bold interior design when putting two opposing colors, blue and red, in the same frame. But the vibrancy of this couple will make you unable to take your eyes off.

One represents warmth while the other brings coolness and peace. Overall, this layout resembles an impressionist painting.

You will need some ingenuity when combining these two striking hues. The red rug should have dramatic patterns to suit a plain navy couch. As a result, you will give your room a contemporary style.

If your sofa already has some patterns, you can try a straight-up red shag rug with high piles. It will bring excellence in both its look and feel.

Some red shades that can add sophistication to your interior design are burgundy, ruby, pomegranate, and wine.


pink rug with blue sofa
Pink is softer and more harmonious than red.

If you want something more tender than red, pink is a good option.

A pink rug is a fun addition to your cerulean divan. If a luxurious ambiance is what you are looking for, take a combo of pastel pink rugs and navy couches.

For a softer appearance, you can try a pale pink and blue combination.


purple rug with blue sofa

Another rug color worth trying with your cobalt or navy sofa is purple.

When choosing a purple rug, you should avoid bright tones. For instead, dark purple or pastel ones will be better choices.

Dark purple or lavender will help your space look sophisticated. Meanwhile, pastel purple like wisteria will give your living room an unexpected appearance, especially when combined with navy couches.


orange rug with blue sofa
Blue couch with orange rug brings energy to the room.

Orange is a vivid color, and it will help your space look more energetic. An orange rug will compliment your navy sofa and light up the whole room.

To achieve an impressive look, you can pick an orange rug with a vintage pattern. Besides, you should paint the walls with cream or white and get some wooden furniture accessories.

This arrangement will prevent any overwhelming impact, and your guests will feel more comfortable.

Earthy Brown

earth brown rug with blue sofa

Earthy brown is also an acceptable rug color to coordinate with a blue sofa.

When putting these items together, it’s like painting a landscape picture. The rug is for land, and the sofa is for the sky. They are amazingly harmonious and complement each other.

A brown shag rug with high piles will be the best to care for your feet. You will have the most relaxing moment on your couch and enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Best Rug Patterns

In addition to colors, patterns are also an essential factor to consider when choosing a rug for your blue couch. Below are some recommended designs for you to choose from.

Floral Patterns

floral pattern rug with blue sofa

Large prints of flowers and plants will be one of the most suitable patterns for your rugs or carpets. They are diverse and suit a lot of different interior designs, from classical to contemporary ones.

Depending on your preference and the design of your sofa, you can find the right rug for it.

If you like a classy look, choose a dark rug with classic abstract patterns. For something more natural and modern, you can pick a brightly colored rug with a print of leaves or flowers.

Buying some rugs with different floral patterns and changing them with the season also brings freshness to your home.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric pattern rug with blue sofa
Geometric rugs are ideal accessories for minimalism or industrial interior styles.

Geometric patterned carpets come in plenty of different styles and colors. Geometry is a versatile pattern that can go with every interior design.

For a blue couch, you should choose a rug with the complement pattern color.

For example, with dark sofas like navy or cobalt, geometric patterns should be black, graphite grey, or dark green. Similarly, light blue sofas will work well with vivid or pastel color prints.

Oriental Patterns

Oriental pattern rug with blue sofa
Medallion rugs are great for retro or classic style.

Rugs with bold oriental patterns will be a unique addition to your navy couch. Their pattern is a combination of many tints with eye-catching designs.

Commonly used colors are warm colors or bold colors, which are great for maximalism or classic style. Some typical oriental patterns are medallion, rosette, geometric garden, and Persian style.


Hopefully, through this post, you know what rugs go with blue couches. It’s pretty easy to coordinate blue with other colors, and above are the best matching ones.

You can try several combinations to find the one that best suits your taste. It’s also interesting to change your living room style over time. New looks will bring new ambiances and feelings. Besides a matching rug, you also need to select pillows, accent chairs, coffee tables to bring out the overall beauty.

If you have any questions or need further information, please leave a comment. Thank you for reading!

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