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Can You Use Dining Chairs in a Living Room?

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Dining chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. In addition to providing seating for dining in the kitchen or dining room, they can also contribute to the decoration of your home.

Currently, with modern and luxurious dining chairs, you can use them to decorate the empty spaces in the house. Moreover, you can also use the dining chair as an accent chair for the living room. Therefore, you don’t have to retrofit a new one. And this action saves you money and space.

Here are some notes on using a dining chair to decorate your living room that you should know.

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Using Dining Chairs as Accent Chairs in Your Living Room

Although you can use a dining chair as an accent chair, you must be aware that not all dining chairs can be decorated. To make your living room luxurious, you should pay attention to the following criteria.

1. Design

Usually, most accent chairs emphasize not being too high; Please give preference to the high-mid-range or below. Or you can also choose tall designs with striking designs. In addition, decorative dining chairs should come with cushions and backrests.

accent chairs in living room

2. Color

In addition to the style, the chair’s color also greatly determines the elegance of the living room. Depending on the color of the room and the house, you choose the chair color. If you do not have experience in interior decoration, you can ask staff or experts for advice.

3. Size

Choosing the size of the chair is also very important. First, measure the space in the room. Then, you must determine the position of the chair and zone the freedom to place the table and chair set. A small tip in choosing the size is that the table and chairs area should not exceed 1/3 of the room area.

4. Included Table

In addition to the chair, you must also carefully consider the choice of the attached table.

First, the dining table must match the height of the chair. The material and color of the table must be similar to the dining chair. You should not choose a table that is too large. The reasonable length can fit 6 chairs.

dining chairs in living room
Credit: Starlight Furniture

5. Material

Currently, there are many different materials on the market. Each material will have its characteristics.

You can choose any material you want. But you should pay attention to the durability of the material. To make the room stand out, you can prioritize leather or glossy paint. Usually, when the color is shiny, the cleaning will be easier, taking longer to degrade.

6. Decorating

Finally, the dining table and chairs; use the table’s space to decorate more details. From there, your room will be more lively and aesthetic. You can consider choosing flower vases and teapots as decorations for the table, and space.

In short, to use the dining chair as an accent chair, you must note what we share above. All will help your living room become more harmonious and luxurious.

dining room accent chairs
Credit: Sidekix Media

What to Do With Extra Dining Room Chairs?

A standard set of dining chairs will have 4 to 10 pieces, but sometimes you only use a few of them for the living room. Therefore, the possibility of excess chairs is very high; They can take up large spaces in your home, and it’s a waste not to take advantage of them. So if you can’t use those extra dining chairs as accent chairs in your living room, what do you do with them?

Do not worry. Here are a few ways to make the most of your spare chair. Instead, you put them in the warehouse, and you can undoubtedly use them to decorate the house.

Put a Chair on The Terrace or Balcony


If your home has a large terrace or balcony, make use of the space for the chairs. From there, the deck (patio) will become an ideal place to read and relax. In addition, you can combine it with a small table to create a perfect coffee place.

Placed in The Office or Book Room

Besides, you can use the space in your office to place chairs. Or, with a student’s desk, you can use a dining chair to replace a school chair. Likewise, in the reading room; Placing multiple seats will not interfere at all.

Used as a Chair for The Dressing Table

used as chair for dressing table
Credit: Rock My Style

For women, a chair for the dressing table is extremely necessary. Instead, you have to buy additional makeup chairs, and you can use extra ones for your dressing table. Thanks to this, you can solve the problem and save money on buying new ones.

Use as Home Decor

There are many articles and examples on how to decorate your home with extremely creative chairs on the internet. If you don’t have much space in your home, you can choose a folding chair. Accordingly, you should hang it on the wall or put it somewhere to decorate.

Use as Objects to Support Objects

Moreover, you can take advantage of the extra chair to replace items in your house. Depending on the characteristics of the chair, you can use it to support different things.

chair as nightstand
Credit: Lonny

For example, you can use the chair as a nightstand. Or use a chair to place flower pots in the house. If you can be a little creative, your home will become more special.

Overall, the dining chair can be used for many purposes. Therefore, putting them in the warehouse may be a wrong decision on your part.


In short, you can completely use dining room chairs for home decoration purposes, especially in living rooms. If you know how to take advantage and combine them with other furniture, your home still retains its inherent elegance. Moreover, they can also create a lot of things; Not only for sitting and eating.

With this article, we hope you have ideas for interior design with dining room chairs. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives who have needs for living room decoration.

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