Decoration Ideas

Home decoration or interior decorating is a great hobby to enjoy and rejuvenate your mind. It is a time killer for those of you who are struggling to learn something innovative during this social distancing. Hence, to make your work easier, we’ve put together five best Do It Yourself ideas that will refresh your mind as well as provide a new look to your house.

Upgrade Your Closet Doors

You might often get bored of the same design on your closet and closet doors. You change the upholstery setting often, but did you know that the same can be done with closet doors as well?

Step 1: Choose a fabric that matches your bedroom colour and theme
Step 2: Unhinge the doors from the closet.
Step 3: Measure the length of the door and cut your cloth accordingly. Once done, use an adhesive or a stapler to pin the fabric to the door.
Step 4: Once neatly done, replace the hardware.

Closet Doors

Propagate plants

Pots at home are the best way to add freshness to your boring interior decors. If you already have plants, then follow the steps to propagate them and add a lavish touch

Step 1: In a Mason jar or glass jar, add the mud or soil from your garden.
Step 2: Choose a plant you would like to propagate and uproot it.
Step 3: Now, plant it inside the glass jar. To enhance the attractive look, you can add fairy lights on the jar or paint it with your favourite colour.

Marbelize Your Countertops

You can convert your countertops to look like fake marbles.

Step 1: Clean the countertop surface through with light sanding.
Step 2: Roll a thin coat of primer, allow it to try and repeat after four hours.
Step 3: To get the marble veins, use Grey Veining Mineral and start drawing veins on the coated surface.
Step 4: Once done, for the radiant look, mix one can of Epoxy Activator into a can of Epoxy Resin and sit the mixture for 3min 15sec. This mixture can be used for 30min until it dries.
Step 5: Wait for 24 hours and allow them to dry and settle down. Your faux marble countertop is then ready.

Marbelize Your Countertops

Labelling Kitchen Items

Instead of looking for salt or sugar and getting confused all the time, it is better to label the kitchen essentials with your favourite fount to avoid the hassle while cooking

Step 1: Pick out glass bottles for various items and make sure they’re of similar sizes to fit in the text.
Step 2: Size and cut your text into your vinyl
Step 3: Peel off the sticky side and place on your text
Step 4: Rub it thoroughly and peel off the sticker and your labels are ready to go in the shelf.

Labelling Kitchen Items

Cover Up an Old Appliance

Be it your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, repairing or reestablishing an old appliance is always tiresome and expensive. Instead of doing that, you can cover it up to refresh your look using paper or vinyl.
Step 1: Choose a fabric or material that matches or is in contract to the room
Step 2: Measure the cabinets and cut the fabric or paper accordingly.
Step 3: Using an adhesive and a stapler attach the two and enjoy your new look

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