6 Effective Ways to Stop Your Office Chair from Rolling

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An office chair rolling too easily is not a big problem. However, it leads to an unpleasant feeling when working and even spoils your wood floor.

The following guide will provide you with all practical steps to lock your rolling chair, protect the floor, and make you feel comfortable while sitting. Now, let’s scroll down for more information!

Why Do Office Chairs Roll All Over The Place?

1. Design

The wheeled office chair today is more flexible and faster to move around in many sorts of areas. Unfortunately, the problem may come from this. If you have big casters, a slight movement can make your desk chair roll away.

You can find that almost all chairs in the office have wheels, usually 5 wheels in total. They provide a steady foundation yet also significantly reduce the friction to keep the chairs in place.

2. Slanted Floor

Sometimes, a 5-wheel chair shifts too fast not only because of its design but also due to external factors. A slanted floor is one of them.

Check carefully whether your floor is flat or not, as even a slight slant can make your office chair slide away.

3. Slippery Floor

When you see the surface of your house is too shiny, it may be a sign of a slippery floor. In that case, your desk chair cannot be stationary.

It is quite dangerous because it will not provide enough balance when you move or stand up. You can easily lose control and fall from the chair.

However, these wheels are sometimes pretty annoying if you try to sit still. Read the following solutions and find the best way to prevent your chair from rolling!

How to Stop Your Office Chair From Rolling Easily

1. Buy Or DIY Caster Stoppers

You can go straight to a grocery store and ask for great caster stoppers to solve this problem. Simple blocks of wood or plastic will do the trick, which fits the casters to make it standstill. This way is especially affordable as you can reuse the blocks many times with various casters and different pieces of furniture.

Caster Stoppers

Do the stoppers make wheels difficult to move around? The answer is no. Wheels are still flexible when you slide in your workplace as usual.

One thing that you have to be careful of is the size of the stoppers. If they are too big or too small, they cannot hold the wheels and work less effectively. Therefore, you’d better choose the right ones.

Moreover, you can make the stoppers by yourself. It is very simple and inexpensive. Everyone can do that at home. You can recycle wood or hard plastic from your stuff and cut it until it fits the wheels. With this way, you can design different stoppers for not only chair wheels but also other household objects.

This solution also works for other furniture to protect the hardwood floor. Floors are easily scratched when the wheels slide on. So, keeping your furniture fixed is a better way to minimize the level of damages to the surface.

2. Place an Area Rug or a Mat Under Your Office Chair

If the wheels keep rolling while sitting, maybe your floor is quite slippery. You can stop this by putting rugs or chair mats to keep it in place. The easiest way is to place a rug at the bottom of your offices. Some rugs seem colorful, and they give your house a decorative look.

rug under office chair

However, rugs are pretty uncomfortable. You may find it hard to care for rugs because they are easy to get dirty. You will have to clean them more often to eliminate dirt and dust.

Another annoying problem is that rugs frequently get fabric pilling, which absolutely rolls into the casters and gets stuck. This issue can reduce the flexibility of wheels and cause inconvenience. You may need to change other casters more often as it decreases the durability of casters.

So, we recommend you should use an anti-slip mat instead of rugs. We think that putting an anti-slip mat is the most suitable solution for hardwood floors. You can easily find a wide variety of items that are inexpensive, high-quality, and long-lasting.

anti slip mat under office chair

Of course, you can choose either of two approaches. They all prevent scratches from your hard floors and maximize the friction between the casters and the surface.

3. Use a Strap to Lock Your Chair

Strapping your office chair to the desk may sound pretty strange. If your purpose is just to stop your rolling desk chair, this way can satisfy you. However, it seems impractical when you need to move around freely, take something and cause many inconveniences.

straps to lock office Chair

A strap limits the motion of your chair wheels. Thus, it prevents you from being flexible to roll back too far or to other sides. You can just move along the points that you have strapped before.

If you are fine with this option, you should buy a strap with the right length. You might not want it to be too short.

4. Use a Block Of Foam to Stop Your Casters

Can you use foam material to stop this issue? The answer is yes. If you have any spare foam, take advantage of it. A block of foam can stop casters from rolling. It is very common and easy to buy at an affordable price.

Firstly, you need to cut out a square block of foam. Next, you place it directly underneath the center of your chair, not under the wheels. This approach is so simple and does not take your time. The result is still effective, which helps to keep it in place.

using foam block to stop rolling chair

You should choose a foam that is not too thick because it limits you from rolling around office spaces. A too-thin foam is also unable to protect the surface.

Another thing is that you need to remember to replace the foam regularly. Foam is quickly flat and decayed. Rarely changing a new one can reduce its efficiency in securing your chair.

However, this way does not seem stylish. If you want your workplace to look decorative, you may need to consider other tips.

5. Replace Your Casters with Stationary Or Locking Casters

Many office chairs have caster wheels with a locking mechanism to prevent rolling. This design enables you to control the locking mode whenever you want to sit still or roll away.

Locking Casters

This mechanism does not depend on any features of floors. It means that the locking casters still work under any circumstances, such as on wet, dirt, or slippery floors.

It sounds pretty perfect for you. However, check your caster wheels first! It would be best if you made sure that they have locks. To do that, find a small tab that allows you to push up and down on the casters. It is also under the wheels or sticks in the front.

Not all casters have the locks. In some designs, the locks are in only 2 casters. So, check carefully; otherwise, you can’t find them. There are 2 types of locking casters: hands-free break and manual brake.

With hands-free brake casters, they automatically lock the caster wheels when you sit on them. To unlock them, you need to stand up. The drawback of this brake is that you are unable to move along while sitting.

On the other hand, a manual brake is not automatic. You have to lock and unlock it by yourself. With this brake, whenever you want to freely move around, you change the locking mode.

6. Get an Office Chair with Locking Casters

If all solutions above do not solve your issue or you are still unsatisfied, it’s time for you to get a new one. You can consider a heavier chair as a lightweight one tends to roll more.

new office chair with locking castersYou don’t really need expensive chairs. Buying a better office chair with a good grip also helps you stay in place more comfortably. It reduces the sliding level of the wheels.

Another feature that you can think about is the locking casters. A chair with this feature is very convenient as it is able to change the locking mode.

Depending on how much you want to spend on a desk chair, there is a wide range of options out there for you.


The above solutions are pretty effective in keeping an office chair from rolling in specific cases. You can purchase a strap, a rug with durable materials, or equip the wheels with locks.

We recommend that an anti-slip mat is the most suitable solution for everyone because of its practical features and economical price. So, think about your problem and your requirement to choose the perfect solution!

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