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Should You Get a Sectional or Two Sofas?

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The core of a living room will almost always focus on the chairs you choose.

Picking the ideal sofa may be a difficult task. You have to consider potential entertainment and the need for more seats and space restrictions, and budget constraints.

A sectional can handle more people because it is bigger. It is also customizable. On the other hand, putting two sofas in your living room establishes a sense of formality. The set can fit more styles too.

So, should you get a sectional or two sofas? This article can help you determine which is best in your living room. Let’s refer to all the interesting info below!

Sectional Vs. Sofa

To find out the ultimate choice, you need to consider both sides of the issue. This side-by-side comparison includes the most outstanding features of each option.

two sofas vs sectional
Is a sectional better than two sofas?


A sofa, also known as a couch, is a single sitting piece of furniture that can accommodate two or more people. The standard features of a sofa are a backrest and cushion upholstery for relaxation and comfort.

A sectional, often known as a family couch, is a sofa that consists of two separate seats. Some models offer more.

The sectional aims to accommodate over three people. The typical backrests and upholstery are still available. However, the overall set may have pieces without backrests.


The primary distinction between the two is functionality, customization, and the number of people each piece of furniture can handle.

A sofa is more appropriate for smaller places and formal settings. Meanwhile, a sectional appears to be more flexible.

We will discuss the differences between the two pieces of furniture below.

1. Seating Capacity

The size determines how many people each piece of furniture can handle.

The sofa is smaller. It can accommodate about two people.

Thanks to the bigger size, a sectional can handle more, about three people at a time.

blue sectional in living room
An L-shaped sectional allows intimate conversation.

2. Appearance

Both are cushioned seats. They come in different shapes and colors. However, even using the same style, each option gives you a different feel.

Sofas, particularly classic ones, have a less friendly, more formal appearance. On the other hand, sectionals offer a more interactional, more social, less formal feel.

3. Variants

Both pieces of furniture come with multiple variants.

If you opt for sofas, you can choose from chaise longue, loveseat, chesterfield, or many more. The sectional is also a variant from sofas.

You can utilize two couches facing each other if you like a traditional sofa but require the capacity that a sectional offers. This idea is a fantastic approach to establish a more formal appearance while also creating a conversation place.

Contemporary loveseats and small couches are other fantastic alternatives for tiny rooms. This setup method allows a flexible arrangement with a terrific option for regular sofas.

loveseat and couch
Couch and loveseat in L-shaped arrangement

A chaise sectional resembles a traditional sofa. Yet, it differs in one important way: the chaise cushion. The chaise stays at one end of the couch.

A sectional has different shapes, such as L, V, or U. Otherwise, you can select the modular or pit sectional model.

L-shaped sectionals typically feature five cushions. This setup enables intimate conversations. Similar to L-shaped ones, V-shaped sofas have a wider opening angle between the two ends, so they are suitable for large spaces.

v shaped couch
V-shaped couch is very suitable for open spaces.

U-shaped sectionals provide enough seating. They are ideal for big families and groups.

Pit sectionals are a comfortable and enjoyable place to sit. These sectionals can be more of a customizable mattress than a couch. A pit sectional has a cushion for each position and appears to be a huge cushioned seat.

4. Common Settings

Both sofas and sectionals are common additions to any living room. Besides, they also fit other places.

Sofas give a sense of formality. Hence, you may often see them in reception areas or offices.

On the other hand, a sectional appears friendlier and cozier. As a result, many pubs, clubs, and restaurants place these sofas in their areas, giving their guests a welcoming atmosphere.

two black velvet sofas facing each other
Two sofas look more formal.

5. Customization

As aforementioned, a sofa is a separate seating chair while a sectional has two different chairs.

You can only order a sofa and ask for a distinctive design. However, once you buy it, you can’t change it anymore.

A furniture manufacturer can design a couch in any form or size to suit your preference and the place where you put it. However, doing so may make the sofa look bulky and clumsy, not to mention difficult to transport.

Meanwhile, a sectional is customizable. Users will feel free to rearrange the pieces until the final setup suits their taste.

u shaped modular sectional sofa
You can easily rearrange modular sofas to your liking.

The modular sectionals may be at the top of the customizability scale. You can configure them in practically any way.

We have compared a sectional vs sofa in essential factors. Let’s summarize their differences and outstanding features with a comparison table below.

Sectionals Sofas
Seating capacity Three or more Two to three
Appearance Friendly, cozy Formal
Variants L-shaped, U-shaped, modular, pit sectional, and so on Chaise longue, loveseat, chesterfield, and so on
Common settings Pubs, clubs, and restaurants Reception areas or offices
Customization Customizable Only customizable before manufacturing.

A Sectional Or Two Sofas

Understanding the differences between a sofa and a sectional is only half of the story. You’re probably still uncertain about which one is best for you.

You need a little more thought to deal with the question of which to purchase. Let’s check these factors while choosing between the two.

Room Size

When deciding between two sofas or a sectional, your room size is the most crucial factor to consider. Every space will necessitate something unique in order to ensure that it is both aesthetically appealing and practical.

Take a thorough look at the room you’re trying to fill. You also need to measure the area before you start looking for furnishings correctly.

A sectional may appear to be the ideal approach to fill the space. However, if your room is small, the big size of a sectional may be problematic.

light gray sofa in small living space
A sofa is suitable for small rooms.

Fortunately, there are so many possibilities that finding the perfect size is straightforward.

Take into account any items that may obstruct your progress. Objects like windows, fireplaces, and doors may all be a struggle. Some rooms don’t have the optimal layouts, which might make everything even more challenging.

Next, think about why you’re using the two sofas or the sectional. For example, if you want everyone in the room to watch TV, make sure the furniture is up to the task.

Personal Taste

We don’t have much sharing about this aspect since it differs in individuals. There is also no rule for which is the most beautiful design. It must be your taste to determine the best one.

The appearances of sectionals and classic sofas are vastly different. It would be best if you considered which one appeals to you more.

Some people would consider a sofa too small, whereas others believe it can fit any room. Others prefer the sense of a sectional because of its luxury.

two sofas in a set for living room
A sofa set varies a lot in size and type.

Consider your tastes and how you intend to design the room. If you’re a big fan of sofa sets, you’ll want to research many kinds and sizes available.

Overall Appearance

In general, a sectional looks less formal than two sofas. Its bigger size gives a sense of relaxation and coziness.

Sofas have a more serious and refined appearance. They appear to be a little more solid and smaller.

The final decision depends on where you want to put the sectional or two sofas.

sectional friendlier than two sofas
A sectional makes the space friendlier than two sofas.

If you are setting up an office, which requires formality, you should go for two sofas. On the other hand, a friendlier place, such as a pub, is where you need a sectional.

Open Space

One of the most major disadvantages of a sectional is that it might make your space look cluttered.

Sectionals are bigger with no gaps between the pieces of furniture. As a result, the living room will take up greater space in your home. Because it’s an all-in-one unit, there’s not much you can really do about it.

The absence of gaps in the furnishing unit, on the other hand, is not always a bad thing. Some people may think it looks nicer and more pleasant than a two-sofa arrangement.

Sofas, on the other hand, may make your room appear larger. Many people like an open space since it is more modern, airy, and cleaner.

living room with two blue velvet sofas
Two sofas can help enlarge the space.

The open space is among the most popular reasons to put two sofas in their living room instead of a sectional. This idea is perfect for small spaces.

Seating Capacity

You don’t need to estimate how many seats your seating area should have. Instead, think about who will sit there.

If there are many members in your family, especially children, opt for the sectional. This furniture can handle more people.

If there are only two to three people, choose a set of two sofas. The comfort and convenience of your visitors are other things you should consider.

Sectionals provide a lot of seating space. However, many of the chairs don’t have armrests.

Your guests have to sit close to one other. The sharing area may make them feel awkward, particularly when they need some private space.

orange sectional in small space
Think of who will sit on your chairs.

Rearrangement Frequency

Another important consideration is that your chairs are challenging to reorganize.

The sectional is customizable. However, it appears to be bulky and heavy. You can change its configuration easily, but moving it around seems complicated.

On the other hand, the sofa is smaller, so it’s lighter. However, you can’t change its design once you take it home. Moreover, the style and how your chair fits the space may matter.

A sofa can suit more setup. Even when you set a new theme for your living room, the old sofa will be able to match.

Unfortunately, the concept may not work with a sectional. You can change its structure. However, due to its bulkiness, you will have some problems resetting your living room.

After all, if you always look for something new and less boring, you need furniture items that are easy to rearrange. In this battle, the point is equal for both.

couch and loveseat for small living room
Sofa and loveseat can suit more setup.


You may plan to move out or relocate. In this case, are two sofas or a sectional better?

If you are not planning on moving to another place, a sectional can be an ideal choice. It offers a spacious sitting area that can serve many people at a time.

However, the sectional turns out to be a disadvantage if you want to move your house.

The furniture is bulky. Moreover, they come in shapes, such as L or U. The separate pieces will make your transport more difficult.


The final concern when deciding whether to get a sectional or two sofas is your budget.

Sectional costs are much more than a sofa. It’s fantastic news for anyone who is just planning to buy a sectional.

Sectionals may have a wide price range based on overall style and size, which is terrific for customers.

Purchasing two sofas, on the other hand, might be more costly than getting a single sectional. The price might vary depending on the models.

The Bottom Line

Sectionals and regular sofas both give seats, elegance, comfort, and ambiance to any area.

The most excellent match for your requirements depends on your seating and environment requirements. It would be perfect to consider other factors such as the size, transport, and price.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for following this post!

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