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10 Best Affordable Non Toxic Sofas and Brands for Eco-friendly Homes

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The sofa is one of the ordinary pieces of furniture that you can encounter in every family’s living room. They not only meet the needs of users but also partly show your lifestyle and your aesthetic.

Due to the increasing demand for sofas, there are many poor-quality sofas on the market today. Poor quality sofas often have bad upholstery and foam cushions, which are easy to mold, creating conditions for bacteria to arise.

In addition, the flame retardants in the sofa are the cause of an increased risk of thyroid cancer if directly exposed for a long time. This is also why the demand for a chemical-free or non toxic sofa is so high these days. However, finding an affordable non toxic sofa set is not easy.

The following article will share with you the best non-toxic sofa brands that you can buy from even when you don’t have a lot of money.

Besides, let’s find out what makes non-toxic sofas a priority to use to have a better overview of the product. Now, let’s get right into the details!

What Makes a Couch Toxic?

It’s not surprising that so many people are looking for this piece of furniture. Non Toxic sofas use environmentally friendly materials, and they are not harmful to your health. As a result, you can rest assured to use the chair for a long time.

Flame Retardants

In fact, not only sofas but also many other furniture uses Flame Retardants.

This type of substance covers the surface of the material, and it is like a physical barrier. Not only that, but Flame Retardants also change the combustion process and slow down the fire.

However, according to leading experts in the US, Flame Retardants can increase the risk of thyroid cancer if exposed directly for a long time.

Moreover, this substance only slows down the ignition process and does not affect extinguishing the fire. These toxic chemicals are released into the air and cause unpredictable harm to users, especially children, and pregnant women, during use.

The nontoxic sofa has been optimized and does not use this flame retardant treatment. Manufacturers are continuing to treat polyurethane foam in sofas to build the most toxic material.

Flame Retardants and Health
Credit: Green Science Policy

Polyurethane Foam

Reality Polyurethane foam is from substances found in petroleum. It means they are flammable. Therefore, for your safety, you should not choose a sofa that uses polyurethane foam.

Studies show that using sofas with polyurethane foam releases VOCs into the air. These volatile organic compounds are called diisocyanates. They are the cause of respiratory diseases.

At the same time, they cause damage to your skin if exposed for a long time. Some experts even believe that some of them are carcinogenic.

Non Toxic sofas restrict the use of this type of foam. Thereby, it can optimize the safety for the health of you and your family.

Synthetic Fabrics

Sofas that often use synthetic fabrics for Upholstery are pretty standard.

Because they are cheap and durable, this fabric sofa has an antifouling feature to clean it easily. However, they are made from petroleum and are with toxic dyes in synthetic fabrics.

And yet, synthetic fabrics are not environmentally friendly because they are non-biodegradable and emit microplastics. This substance contaminates water sources, affects your health, and kills wildlife.

Experts believe that in synthetic fabrics, there are carcinogens. Besides, it also causes endocrine disorders affecting the development of children and reproductive problems.

However, you cannot deny that synthetic fabrics are very popular. Therefore, it is best to learn the OEKO-TEX 100 standard before deciding to buy.

Synthetic Fabrics

Engineered Wood

The characteristic of the sofa is that it is big and heavy. So when manufacturing, companies have chosen engineered wood or manufactured wood. They are the ultimate solution for making sofas lighter.

Some good examples are plywood, chipboard, or cardboard. However, most of these woods come with toxic chemicals called phenol-formaldehyde (PF) and urea-formaldehyde (UF).

Therefore, you should not choose them to ensure safety. Natural wood is the perfect suggestion. But it is important to note that timber harvested from managed forests should be selected.

By doing so, you will contribute to the fight against deforestation. To verify, you can refer to the product that is certified by the FSC forest management board.

Stain-Resistant Sprays

The sofa is undeniably the ideal location for incidents that make them dirtier. The couch has to suffer stains from spilling coffee, wine, pet hair, or pencil marks.

So choosing a sofa with an antifouling solution is probably the first idea that comes to mind. But you will pay a higher price for this choice.

Teflon sprays like Scotchgard are the method many manufacturers use. The chemicals to produce are perfluorinated (PFCs) – a type of carcinogen, which reduces the immune system.

At the same time, it causes some reproductive problems, congenital disabilities and affects the development of children.

Reviews of The Best Affordable Non Toxic Sofas & Brands

Here are the best brands offering affordable non toxic sofas that you can choose from. Each has its pros and cons, and you need to read below carefully to find the most suitable one.

1. Futon Shop

Daisy Organic Natural Sectional Sofa - The Futon Shop

Futon Shop is the first name on the list. They are offering a wide selection of non toxic couches, loveseats, and other furniture.

In terms of materials, Futon Shop uses nontoxic materials such as CertiPur, foam, natural rubber, wool, etc.

The company has optimized safety right from the preparation of raw materials when upgrading them to 100% organic. All types of natural rubber and wool are guaranteed to comply with the safety standards of GOTs.

Besides, Futon Shop brings safe products because it does not use chemical flame retardants.

Furthermore, the removable cover is from organic cotton/wool or coir linen. So, they are all safe, according to OEko – Tex tests.

In terms of design, Futon Shop offers many different design styles for you to choose from. Plus, you can feel free to custom the sofa to your liking by choosing fabric, cushion ingredients, and add ons from their library.

In terms of price, the Futon Shop offers a wide range of reasonable options at affordable prices. A solid wood sofa with a low VOC finish costs around $700. When it comes to a futon mattress, you’ll have to pay about $400 to $800 more.

In addition, you can easily change your futon sofa into a full-sized bed. It allows you to use it as a unique and convenient living room bed.

2. Medley Home

Medley Home Non Toxic Sofa

The second name on the list is Medley Home. The company uses polyurethane or natural organic rubber as the primary material. It is the reason why Medley Home prices are so low. From only $1500, an average price you can easily buy.

In addition, Medley Home uses VOC-free glue in the manufacturing process.

Moreover, experts have also verified that Medley Home’s nontoxic sofa has no flame retardants. To further complete its products, the company uses an alder frame and solid frame lining.

Medley Home is quick to deal with harmful chemicals and irritants. So, if you are trying to find a nontoxic sofa, you can’t miss Medley Home.

Over the years, Medley Home has always been the leading name in the choices of sensitive people. It almost narrows down the fundamental cause of your allergies.

Speaking of design, Medley Home offers standard sofa sizes. These include a sectional chair and a very comfortable sleeper chair.

Medley Home chairs are manufactured on modern American lines and covered in many countries such as the US, Canada.

Medley Home also offers several upholstery material options. A typical example is semi-aniline leather. Accordingly, you can learn more about this material in several other posts.

But in general, the leather upholstery comes with a water-based coating that helps you limit stains and is easier to clean.

3. Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest Verona Organic Sofa

Savvy Rest products are manufactured in a factory in Central Virginia, and they receive rave reviews because their chairs offer high quality and safety. Furthermore, they are very durable.

In all the Savvy Rest brand furniture, you can find Talalay natural rubber foam and organic fabrics such as cotton, hemp, etc. They are GOTs certified safe for users’ health.

Besides, the chair uses maple wood as the frame. It has stable roots, so it has a long life. So you can safely use Savvy Rest for a long time.

Instead of toxic flame retardants, Savvy Rest uses organic wool brooms. It is like a natural barrier that is extremely friendly to you and the environment.

And yet, the company also completes the product with zero-VOC flaxseed oil and AFM Safecoat antifouling technology.

Not stopping there, Savvy Rest is named a top choice for nontoxic sofas because they avoid harmful materials. Such as formaldehyde glue, metal coil, polyester.

You can refer to Savvy Rest’s products on its website. With different options, sofa prices can range from $4000 to $5300.

4. Sabai

Sabai The Essential Sofa

Saibai brings you the perfect selection of prices. With comfort and modern style, Sabai will be the highlight of the living room space.

Sabai sofas are easy to install. You can easily do it without the help of others, which is a significant advantage of Sabai.

Sabai sofas are manufactured at a factory in High Point, North Carolina. Using natural fibers and polyester from recycled water bottles is an ideal idea.

Although Saibai is not as optimal in terms of safety as the above brands, it offers products at affordable prices. Besides options for color polyester upholstery, you can consider two other options for wooden legs that are pretty friendly.

The great point in Sabai is the wooden frame covered with Styrofoam. It is FSC certified recycled wood.

And yet, the material Sabai uses is 100% recycled plastic used in the packaging. So in the future, if there is any shortage of materials, Sabai can still meet and provide sofas for your long-term use.

5. Burrow

Burrow is an online e-commerce company. They focus on one customer segment to improve the sofa use experience. Burrow’s criteria are safety and sustainability. So the company uses all of its raw materials in the United States.

With classic design and versatility, the burrow is a suggestion you can consider. Although the burrow is limited in colors and has only one style, you can customize it into many different configurations.

Burrow chair frame made from Maple, oak, and pine plywood. So the chair is very sturdy, meeting the sitting needs of many people. For Upholstery, burrows use a stain-resistant polypropylene finish.

Meanwhile, others use natural rubber wrap, which has a higher price than the general level in the market. Their sofas cost from $1300 to $5000.

Besides, you will be surprised at its durability because it does not treat the fabric with chemicals. That’s why burrows bring high safety.

You may not know it, but burrow surpasses industry standards for fabric durability. According to some tests by Martindale and Wyzenbeek, the burrow sofa cover can pass 15000 rounds and 30000 rounds.

The point worth mentioning is that the burrow allows you to flip from quilted to smooth. Thanks to that, you can customize the design according to your wishes or the living room space. In particular, with the modular design, you can deepen and adjust the length of the chair accordingly.

6. Pure Upholstery

Pure Upholstery Tom Organic Sofa

Pure Upholstery is a definite name you cannot ignore. All materials used in the production process are carefully selected and tested.

Feathers, upholstery fabric, solid maple wood, organic cotton wool all have GOTs certified safe for users’ health.

Pure Upholstery uses safe and sustainable water-based glue. Since it is Greenguard certified, you can rest assured. In particular, Pure Upholstery has a Rubio Monocoat wood finish on the chair’s legs.

And yet, Pure Upholstery does not use toxic flame retardants. So even if you are a sensitive person, you can use the chair. You can even rest assured that children and pregnant women use and interact with the chair regularly.

Pure Upholstery applies modern production technologies in the US. In addition to sofas, they also provide many other products such as auxiliary chairs, recliners, sleeping chairs. Pure Upholstery is one of the companies. Leading eco specializes in supplying non-toxic sofas.

You can find and order delivery to Canada outside of the US to try out the Pure Upholstery experience. In general, the Pure Upholstery sofa is relatively cheap.

7. Pottery Barn Eco Sofas

Buchanan Roll Arm Upholstered Sofa

Pottery Barn is a brand that gives you many options worth considering. This company has been a top brand non toxic sofa with products with quite friendly ingredients for many years.

According to the manufacturer’s data, the Pottery Barn sofa uses a fluff mixture. These include polyester yarn for 50%, duck feather for 45%, and duck down for the rest. Furthermore, the brand’s products also do not contain polyurethane foam.

Out of the whole range of products, Pottery Barn still offers several options made of polyurethane. However, the company has handled this substance well.

Some nontoxic sofas contain activated foam, they are more breathable, so when you use them, you will feel very comfortable. Moreover, the Pottery Barn sofa does not contain flame retardants, so it is very safe for health.

The chair frame is from solid wood, and some chairs use organic cotton fully certified by GOTs. This feature sets Pottery Barn apart from other brands.

Not only GOTs certified, but Pottery Barn Crypton fabrics are also PFAS-free. In addition, its products have a shallow formaldehyde index, only about 0.0073 parts per million.

Pottery Barn not only provides nontoxic sofas but also offers the perfect solution for your family’s economy. Limited latex and polyurethane, but at the same time, the product is in the middle price segment.

Basically, Pottery Barn is an excellent choice, although not quite as ‘green’ as the brands mentioned above.

8. EcoBalanza

EcoBalanza Chelan Non Toxic Sofa

EcoBalanza is one of the brands that offer high-quality handmade nontoxic sofas with excellent quality. The sofas manufactured by the company follow the traditional method, so there is very little glue used.

In addition, the company also uses a variety of materials. So you will have many options at EcoBalanza.

In terms of materials, EcoBalanza offers a variety of options. Such as organic wool and cotton, natural Dunlop rubber.

They are all GOLS certified and are safe to use. And yet, you will never find any flame retardants in all EcoBalanza products.

The company also offers an EcoPell leather option. It is vegetable tanning, sealed leather, and does not contain heavy metals. In general, EcoBalanza gives you absolute safety.

The glue that EcoBalanza uses is zero – VOC types of cement and Rubio Monocoat stains. They are entirely free of harmful substances and do not irritate even if you are sensitive to Rubio.

If you look at EcoBalanza’s products, you can see that the company offers many options, from color, style, material to price.

However, all products are handmade, so the price is somewhat higher than other brands. At over $3,800, overall, it’s still a perfect choice, well worth the money.

9. Viva Terra

Viva Terra Brussels Linen Studio Sofa

Viva Terra is the top name on many lists of nontoxic sofas. The company specializes in providing eco-friendly and nontoxic sofas to users. Viva Terra offers you a wide range of product sizes, styles, and colors.

Overall, the Viva Terra sofa has a substantial wooden structure. The source of wood materials comes from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, so there is no negative impact.

Viva Terra uses 80% recycled fibers to make the seat covers. This material is from BiOH, made from renewable soybeans with a composite core. The core consists of 50/50 cotton and polyester.

In addition, Viva Terra also replaces petroleum-based ingredients in the foam. They make up 30%.

At the same time, combined with leading manufacturing technology in the US, Viva Terra designs shock absorbers made from regenerated metal.

The company also ensures that its products do not use harmful flame retardants. So you can safely use it.

10. Cisco Home


Cisco Home is a famous American brand with many points of sale widely distributed in the United States and Canada. Its products include Essentials Collection and Inside Green.

The Essentials Collection is the baseline of chairs using solid wood and no plywood. Oak and maple are the most typical materials.

In addition, there is polyurethane foam and padding with goose down and down. Meanwhile, the fabric is to remove chemicals.

Inside Green is the choice of natural rubber. The rubber exterior is eco-wool or feather wrap.

The materials used by Cisco Home have been tested and certified for safety. These include solid wood, cotton fabric, and Woca natural stains. Moreover, Cisco Home sofas also do not use flame retardants, which are very safe to use.

In terms of price, Cisco Home offers quite a reasonable price. The Essentials Collection starts at $2300, while Inside Green is about $1,000 more expensive.

What to Look for in a Non Toxic Sofa

To choose to buy a nontoxic sofa, please refer to some of the following criteria:

1. Natural Wood

Wood is often well-known to design the frame of the sofa. However, besides natural wood, manufacturers also have another option, which is high-quality metal. Compared with plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, or plastic, two options, such as natural wood and high-grade metal, are pretty safe.

To verify the safety of timber frame materials, you can look to the certificate of the FSC forest management contract. This certificate ensures that the wood used for the sofa frame comes from a managed forest.

What to Look for in a Non Toxic Sofa

2. VOC Free Glue

If you have chosen a sofa with a frame and other components made from non-toxic natural wood, you need to be aware of VOC-free Glue because they are usually bonded together with a special adhesive.

Also, VOC-free glue is an adhesive that does not contain harmful chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde, phthalates, or isocyanates. So you can rest assured to use the sofa more.

3. VOC Free Finishes

Similarly, once the sofa is from natural wood, the next issue you need to consider is the coating. To be on the safe side, choose seats that use VOC-free paints and antifouling coatings.

4. Untreated & Undyed Upholstery

The sofa upholstery is the part that comes into direct contact with your skin. Therefore, you need to choose a chair with a safety cover to ensure your health.

Usually, the best coating is not going through the stages of anti-stain, waterproof treatment. If possible, look for an undyed wool or cotton cover. They are all safety covers.

5. Natural Latex Foam

When choosing to buy nontoxic sofas, neoprene is something you should avoid.

Currently, most products on the field market contain natural rubber latex. So to check, you can look at certifications from third parties. Typical are the certificates of global organic rubber standards.

These certifications help ensure that your product is free of polyurethane and has not undergone any chemical treatment.

6. Certifications & Labels

Certifications and labels from third parties are always objective factors to ensure product safety and sustainability. The following are some standards for certifying the components of nontoxic sofas:

  • FSC – Forest Stewardship Council: certified wood used in sofas from responsibly managed forests.
  • GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard: This certificate requires upholstery fabric to use at least 70% organic materials. So if the chair has GOTS, you can rest assured because it limits the use of flame retardants or toxic chemicals.
  • GOLS – Global Organic Latex Standard: The product must be free of VOCs and formaldehyde, and chemical flame retardants or colorants.

Also, you can find the Oeko-Tex 100, CertiPUR-US, TB117-2013 label standards. They all require limiting VOCs and harmful substances used in sofas.

stylish non toxic couch


Below is a collection of some frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you when purchasing and using sofas. Check it out for details!

How do you know if your furniture has formaldehyde?

Obviously, you can’t tell formaldehyde by sight. But you can check by smelling them.

Formaldehyde is a substance that can cause cancer and reproductive problems. However, they are ubiquitous in wooden furniture, such as wooden floors, cabinets, tables, and chairs.

So to check for formaldehyde in your furniture, try smelling them. Because formaldehyde has a rather specific odor, you can quickly identify it.

How can I test my VOC levels at home?

There are two ways you can check the VOC levels in your home by using a PID meter and an absorber. For a PID meter, you can measure VOCs in real-time on the spot. The air absorber tube is more commonly available in laboratories.

Can you remove furniture VOCs?

In fact, removing VOCs in furniture is quite complicated and not easy to do. So the best way is to get a nontoxic sofa from the beginning quickly. These sofas are guaranteed to be VOC-free and non-toxic.

Once you have furniture that emits VOCs, remove them from the air by using an air purifier or planting more plants.


Above are the shares of the best nontoxic sofa brands. At the same time, with the knowledge that this article shares about the nature of nontoxic sofas and the notes when buying nontoxic sofas, hopefully, you will find a product you like.

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