Mid Back vs. High Back Office Chair: Which One is Better?

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Besides choosing between mesh or leather, one of the most common questions when shopping for a new office chair is “should I choose a mid back or high back chair?“. Though back pain is one of the most common medical complaints among desk workers, few people know how to choose the right chair to deal with it.

You can probably differentiate office chairs based on the height, ergonomics design, functions, and benefits. This article will help you understand more about the differences and effects of the two popular office chair types on your health.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the next content to find out the best one for you.

Benefits of a Mid Back Office Chair

Mid back office chairs are chairs with the backrest extending from your lumbar to near shoulders. These chairs are shorter than high-back ones as they don’t include head support. However, they focus on supporting the lower and middle back.

white leather mid back office chair

Though many desk workers opt for higher chairs because of their overall level of comfort, these items are not an ideal choice in some cases, especially in conference rooms or cubicle offices.

A mid-back chair can fit in collaborative places, making it the superior option for the office environment, with a medium height. In a cluttered space, these chairs are also lighter and easier on the eyes.

The mid-back office chairs come in three popular designs on the market, including ergonomic, ribbed, and modern.

Ergonomic chair: The chairs are usually made of mesh fabric, with ergonomic features to support your back. They use a swivel tilt mechanism with an adjustable armrest to deliver a great seat experience.

Ribbed chair: Opposite to ergonomic ones, this type of chair uses leather as the main material. Generally, it has a fixed or no armrest, ergonomic curves, and a five-point base.

Modern chair: As its name implies, this product combines different styles and colorful designs. It is especially suited for a young and dynamic working environment.

Compared to high-back chairs, the mid-back type is available in more colors so that you can have more choices for your creative office in start-up companies.

The following are the main advantages of mid-back office chairs:

  • Work great for limited working areas, giving you a flexible movement to work around from desk to desk
  • Best choice for flexible workstations, such as a cubicle office or a conference room
  • Come in many designs, including ergonomic, ribbed, and modern chair
  • Made of both mesh and leather covers

Benefits Of a High Back Office Chair

High-back chairs are chairs with backrests extending from your lumbar spine to your head. The backrest can be a whole part or with a separated headrest.

mesh high back office chair

This chair type gives you additional comfort with full support, particularly when you lean back. If you’re a tall person, the high back chair is a superb choice.

On the market, these high back chairs can come in a variety of styles, but there are still two main types of products:

Ergonomic chair: This type of chair is usually the mesh computer product, coupled with a separate headrest for your head support. Some models have adjustable lumbar supports, providing you the maximum comfort.

Executive chair: Its signature features are bulky size, top-grade leather, and sturdy frame. The backrest is made from one whole piece.

In the workplace, this high back chair implies the power and leader position of the owner since only the executive staff can possess a large room enough for these chairs to blend in.

The great advantage of these chairs is the taller backrest, helping you avoid chronic neck pain. It also lowers the chances of suffering spine problems due to slouching positions.

On the other hand, the chairs offer suitable support for your thoracic and lumbar vertebra. The key thing is choosing the chairs that suit your body style.

You can get the most out of the high-back chairs by choosing the model with an adjustable armrest. Besides the height adjustment, the right arm position also contributes to the health of your spine.

The ones with neck support deliver extended comfort, especially when you work for long periods, from 7-9 hours a day.

Here are the main advantages of high-back office chairs:

  • Support all your back, shoulder, and head
  • Provide a comfy posture during a long-time working
  • Reduce chances of back problems
  • Provide appropriate upper and lower back support

Which Chair Is Better – Mid Back Vs High Back?

Shopping in front of a sea of options, you may find out that buying a perfect chair is not an easy feat. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a list of key ways to tell if a mid back or high back chair is better for your needs.

mid back or high back office chair

Working Area: Mid-back chairs are suitable for small rooms or cubicle offices. The taller ones are best for spacious offices and sedentary white-collar workers.

Body Size: Since most high-back chairs have a large size, it is suitable for tall people. Meanwhile, the mid-back type is small to medium-sized, suitable for people of average height.

Support: Mid-back office chairs only provide support from your shoulders down, so you will need to notice and keep a good neck posture on your own.

On the contrary, with full assistance from the backrest and neck rest of high back chairs, you can lean back and relax the whole body after long hours of sitting.

Size: Whereas high-back office chairs are bulkier, heavier, and can obstruct views, medium ones are lighter and smaller to create a neat office.

Price: Last but not least, the budget limitation is an important factor for your consideration. High-back office chairs provide maximum comfort, but they also need a larger sum of money.

How High Should Your Chair Back Be?

Choosing a chair that suits your body shape is very important. It will help you avoid back pain and other spinal problems. Considering a back chair height is much easier for those with average height than tall or heavy people.

comfortable on office chair

It would help if you had a chair with a tall and wide backrest to support your back. The higher backrest also means better support for trunk weight.

The first thing is to measure the length of your trunk by sitting against the wall and mark your back height with a pen. For the mid-back chair, the backrest should be slightly lower than your back.

Otherwise, your neck should be put on the headrest comfortably if you select a larger chair.

We also suggest three main categories of the backrest that fit all body types:

  • Low-level: with the backrest height somewhere among 5, 7, and 9 inches
  • Medium-level: need to be about 26 inches high
  • High-level: the backrest height is up to 36 inches

Final Verdict

Regardless of the type of chairs, you all want them to be comfortable and fully support your back. Hopefully, you can get the wise choice between a high back vs mid back chair with all the provided information.

To conclude, while a high-back office chair can offer full support for a long period, a mid-back one is convenient and flexible in tight spots. Depending on your needs, you can opt for the one that suits you best.

If you want a comfortable product with a reasonable budget, then the mid back chair is a good choice; it still can support your spine and shoulder blade properly.

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