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How to Move a Recliner By Yourself?

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Are you planning to buy a new recliner chair and move the old one into the bedroom or move it to another location that is more convenient for you to rest, nap, or watch movies? Whatever your reason, moving a heavy recliner is not easy and can cause unwanted injury to you. This article will help you stay away from those problems.

To move the recliner chair, you need to follow the basic steps below:

  • Warm up your body
  • Wrap your recliner chair carefully
  • Clear the path for easier chair movement
  • Enlist help from relatives or friends

However, you should plan in detail as soon as possible about moving the recliner both effectively and safely.

There are a few key tips you should keep in mind. You need to keep yourself safe and not cause scratches on the chair upholstery or floor while moving.

Let’s get right into the details!

Moving Your Big Recliner Through a Narrow Door

Moving a recliner through a tight space is already difficult. If you’d like to move the chair through a narrow door, you should have a thorough plan in place to avoid unnecessary incidents.

moving recliner through narrow door

The steps are very simple as follows:

  • Create more moving space
  • Cover the recliner carefully
  • Thread the dedicated strap to lift the recliner up
  • Measure the dimensions of the door and the chair
  • Make the move

Specifically, the following section will show you in detail how to do that.

Step 1: Create More Moving Space

Creating an airy and spacious space is very important. Accordingly, you should handle the front door by removing the hinges and the door to create space.

Step 2: Measure The Dimensions Of The Chair and The Door

Measure the size of the chair and the door again to make sure that the space is large enough to move the chair through the door.

Step 3: Cover Your Recliner Carefully

You should cover the recliner carefully with a blanket and add extra padding inside. Remember, no matter how big or small your chair is, that doesn’t mean it won’t break, especially in tight and difficult spaces. You should cover your chair carefully.

Step 4: Thread The Dedicated Strap to Lift The Recliner Up

After reinforcing and reupholstering the safety seat, the next step is to lift it up. Accordingly, you need a specialized strap called a ratchet strap. Gently slide it under the seat and then wrap the rest of the rope around the front and back of the chair.

During this process, you should make sure that the strap fits snugly against the seat and that it doesn’t slip out while lifting. That way, the chair does not fall off while moving to avoid breaking.

Step 5: Make The Move

Now you can proceed to move your chair. However, you should also ask for help from relatives or friends when doing this.

During the move, you should flexibly measure and estimate the distance so that the recliner can easily move through the door. You should also limit the use of excessive force to avoid tearing the seat texture or damaging the door.

How to Move a Reclining Chair Upstairs

moving recliner upstairs

Moving up the stairs will reach a more difficult level and requires more preparation than you think. You can still handle this problem well if you have carefully prepared the following steps:

  • Check the dimensions of the stair and chair
  • Clean the stairs before the move
  • Remove the backrest to reduce weight
  • Cover the chair firmly
  • Take advantage of the help
  • Make the move

And the following steps detail what you want to move your heavy recliner to both safely and efficiently:

Step 1: Check The Dimensions Of The Stair and Your Chair

You have to make sure the chair size is compatible with the size of the stairs. Accordingly, your chair should have a width not exceeding the width of the stairs to avoid collisions during movement.

Step 2: Clean The Stairs

This step determines that you have to clean the area of ​​​​the stairs where you have to move the chair. This cleaning makes sure your stairs are open and clean. Absolutely limit obstacles appearing in this area to avoid the case that you fall during the move.

Step 3: Remove The Chair Backrest to Reduce Weight

If your recliner is too bulky or difficult to move, it is better to disassemble the part, especially the chair’s back. Disassembling the seat unit will help reduce weight during travel, and at the same time make it easier and safer to move.

However, you should remember to store the attached parts and equipment carefully to avoid losing them during the assembly process.

Step 4: Cover The Chair Firmly

In case your recliner doesn’t need to be disassembled or after removing the chair backrest, it’s time to cover the chair. You can use wrapping film or a blanket to cover it.

However, you must ensure that the blanket is wrapped carefully and securely so that it does not fall off.

Step 5: Take Advantage Of The Help

This step requires you to take advantage of people’s help to raise the chair. You can use the ratchet strap for light and easy movement.

Step 6:  Make The Move

After everything is ready, it’s time to move your big recliner up the stairs. And the way you do this is to take slow and steady steps and continuously coordinate with your partner to move slowly.

But, you must constantly observe to ensure the safety of the chair and yourself, as well as your partner.

Tips to Move a Heavy Recliner Easier

1. Use Carrying Straps

Use Carrying Straps

Using this tool is especially useful for you. Manufacturers have created it to serve the needs of moving the recliner. Its role is to help us both easily use and gently move our objects effectively.

2. Use Moving Blankets

Use moving blankets

A very good and effective trick for you is to use a blanket to move objects. Simply put, you have to come this way because it helps your items be protected safely, and the movement is also smoother and more efficient.

3. Use Furniture Moving Kit

Brainstorming ideas and designing a list of things to do in the process is an important factor to decide your success. However, moving heavy furniture by yourself will be easier with a specialized kit like the EZ Moves.

4. Prepare a Cushion

Preparing a cushion sounds strange, but in the situation of moving a recliner is extremely effective. The reason is that the cushion will help to shield and reinforce the structure on the chair while supporting the safe movement.

5. Get Rid Of The Insults

This case is not an element related to the device but related to your spirit. Indeed, when deciding to do something, which is to move your chair, you should do it with confidence. Instead of hearing distracting words from others, you should make a list of what needs to be done and take it one step at a time.


Moving large and heavy recliner chairs will definitely not be your concern anymore after reading this article. The simplest thing is to write down a plan of specific steps and then prepare for them. From there, you will not be confused when doing that work as well as limit unexpected risks.

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