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How to Measure a Recliner for a Slipcover

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What are slipcovers, and why are they important? That is a good question, specifically if you have a recliner and tend to be a little clumsy!

Slipcovers help you update your old chairs and also protect the new ones from any spills. They are a life savior! The ease of cleaning any stain makes the slipcover worthy of your purchase. Just machine wash, and you’re good to go!

On the other hand, slipcovers also help you redesign your recliner in the best way possible! Read on to know how to measure your recliner for a slipcover.

Measuring Guide

You should follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to measure the reclining chair so that you get a proper fit slipcover. Rest assured, no one likes ill-fitted Slipcovers. You can use these steps both for recliners with attached or separated footrests.

Set the Recliner

To ensure a proper fit, it is necessary to get proper measurements. And what is a proper measurement without an upright recliner!

For starters, prepare your recliner properly by placing it in an upright position. The main point is that it should not be reclining in any way.

Such preparation will put your recliner in the highest position possible.

recliner measurements

Measure from the Top

We shall start with measuring the recliner from the top. Measure the recliner back from the top edge to the bottom edge to determine its maximum height. You can mention the measurements both in inches or centimeters.

Measure the Width

Next up. We shall be looking at the width of the recliner. Measure from the outer edge of one arm of the recliner to the other outer edge of the other arm to calculate the correct width.

Measure in the Reclined position

To take the length measurement, you must place the chair in a fully reclined position. Take measurements from the top, back edge leading to the footrest end.

This measurement is necessary for custom slipcovers. You should make sure to measure this length in the case of recliners with attached footrests.

Measure the Ottoman

In the case of a separate ottoman, you must measure the height, width, and depth. Now you must know that not every slipcover will have an ottoman cover. These measurements will come in handy if you plan on buying an ottoman cover slipcover at the same time as a chair slipcover.


If you’re looking to make a slipcover for your recliner, these are the best steps to be followed. Another aspect is to pay attention to the accuracy of measurement. Try not to make any silly mistakes while noting down the values.

Additionally, you must note the digits in both inches and centimeters. Is this that important? It is essential because, more than often, slipcover manufacturers may display values in only inches. Or only centimeters, for that matter.

Having both the variations will help you make a good buying decision with fewer chances of any fuss or issues. Happy Buying!

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