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How to Make a Futon More Comfortable?

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There is a stereotype of a futon, which always ignites people to think about the challenging and uncomfortable experience when sleeping on it. But it is not the case if you know how to make the best of it. Today’s article will show you how to make a futon more comfortable for both sitting and sleeping.

Futon sofa or futon couch is an ideal item with an affordable price compared to other models such as normal or air mattress. Besides, this item is suitable for any narrow space and an ideal choice for overnight guests.

It can perform as a futon bed, sofa sleeper, or an extra layer for your couch. We are hungry to show you its versatility; let’s scroll down to have ideas to bring your small room more comfortable.

How to Make Your Futon More Comfortable to Sit on

1. Buy a High-Quality Futon

The choices for comfier futons vary and depend on the size of material that will have different prices. Usually, high-quality futons will give more comfort and durability than low-quality ones.

We have seen many people having a futon sofa used for a long time and feel uncomfortable changing the new one as they get used to its design. No worries, as long as the frame still does a good job, a replacement of a thick and high-quality mattress with guaranteed soft and comfortable quality will not fail to satisfy you.

High-Quality Futon

The high-quality product values the experience it brings to the buyers. There will be no harsh or fatigue feeling when you sit on a well-made comfy futon. So which material determines the high-quality products compared to other cheap futon mattress pads?

It is wise to pick a polyester or foam-made product as these materials give you an outstanding heat-absorbing function and retain their form regardless of how heavy it carries.

In addition, you will hardly feel the surface of the frame as the comfy pad features excellent resistance. The feeling can be depicted as sitting on the couch from a top-rated star hotel.

If you already own a frame at home, and your futon mattress is aged. It’s time to switch to a new high-end one. And don’t worry about the size that may not fit the frame because the frame always comes with standard size, and so does the cushion.

2. Keep The Mattress Or Pad In Place

Futon pad sliding is inevitable for its light building. No matter how thick or soft it is, you will feel uncomfortable when it is moving around.

Futon No-Slip Strips

You can stick the strips to the wooden slats, and it will create friction between the mattress and the futon slats. Hence, the mattress will be stable and firmly attached to the frame. At the same time, the futon will also be more comfortable for you to sit on.

Here is the tip for you to stick the futon frame correctly. First, you need to make sure that the mattress edge will stick on the edge of the frame as close as possible.

Then, spread the whole mattress following the frame line. Therefore, the surface will cover the whole frame, giving it a nice appearance and firm attachment.

3. Add More Pillows

Another option to make a futon more comfortable and gain a classy look is to add more pillows. As you know, the mattress is a flat surface, and it is inconvenient for you to rest without the pillow, especially when you need to use your mobile phone as it will make your neck pain and fatigue.

add more pillows to futon

Also, hugging the pillow when sitting on the pads can boost your pleasant and relaxing feeling. What a pity if you do not take these fluffy cushions.

4. Add Extra Support at The Bottom

Adding a wooden slat or a second cushion underneath is a wise idea to have a comfortable feeling. If you have an old one, it will be awesome because you don’t need to pay extra money for your comfort.

When putting another layer for your pads, it will give you a different experience of enjoyment. But, in order to prevent your futon cushion from sagging, you need to choose the underneath layer having the same size as the cushion; hence your comfort will be secured.

How to Make a Futon Sofa Comfortable to Sleep On

1. Add a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Mattress topper is a great choice for a traditional mattress and the same for a futon sofa. The most important thing is to pick a preferred topper that matches your sleeping style.

mattress topper for futon

The memory foam topper gives you pleasant relief without causing you to feel uncomfortable or fatigue when changing the sleeping position. Also, the topper can reduce the heat that causes when lying on the mattress for a long time. Hence you can indulge yourself in a sleep tight.

2. Place a Thick Comforter Over The Mattress

A thick comforter can save you from toss-and-turn nights if you own a firm futon mattress, or it can be a sign of welcoming when your friends need a sleepover.

We usually refer to the comforter as something that we wrap over our body when sleeping, especially in the winter, as it offers softness and satisfaction.

If you are allergic to feathers, you can pick the de-feather comforter and use it for your mattress if you have no bedding choice and need to spend a night on it. Whether you or your guests will sleep on the futon, a thick comforter always makes the user more comfortable as well as cozy.

3. Add an Air Mattress

The cushion texture is usually low and close to the ground, making some people feel uncomfortable. To fix it, support from the air mattress can be a worth-thinking option.

make futon comfortable with air mattress

Compared to the frame, the air mattress is more flexible and affordable, but it is not as firm as the frame.

4. Use a Featherbed

A featherbed refers to the fluffy comforter that you place on top of your cushion, relieving the pressure on your back, hips, and shoulders. And usually, the feather bed has many divisions to prevent migrating from one side of the bed to others.

5. Buy a Futon Sofa Without Arms

If you are thinking of buying a futon sofa, it is worth considering a model without arms because you can fully utilize the space of the sofa when sleeping on it.

futon sofa without arms

A sofa with arms will hinder your tall body from comfortably lying on it. Meanwhile, an armless futon mimics a sofa bed for a restful experience and perfectly fits a narrow living room.

6. Mattress Maintenance

Regardless of how expensive your mattress is, it can be ruined by terrible habits like eating on the pad or leaving perspiration on the surface. These habits will rapidly deteriorate your mattress.

Always use the damp cloth to wipe out any stain on the mattress and, if possible, bring outside for direct sunlight exposure to eliminate any germs. In addition, you can choose the covers with the best quality and the most suitable design to combine with your futon.


Through the article, we hope that you have found making a futon more comfortable is not difficult. And based on that, you can fully take advantage of the amazing futon to enhance your daily enjoyment or overnight guests. If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask.

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