How to Make Bar Stools Taller?

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It’s annoying and uncomfortable to sit too low at the bar. However, adjusting the bar is a tricky task. Therefore, adjusting the stool is the only solution you should do to improve the height when sitting at the bar.

However, how to make your bar stools taller if they are not height-adjustable? In fact, there are various solutions to tackle the problems. Among them, using leg extenders seems to be the most popular. This approach is easy to follow and can help you sit comfortably while still saving costs. Let’s read on to discover!

Purchase Bar Stool Leg Extenders

You can easily make your bar stools higher by adding available leg extenders. Let’s look more closely at how to use these tools.

using bar stool extenders

Step 1: Assemble the extenders

If needed, construct the leg extenders based on the packaging instructions. The pipes that go around the leg, for example, may need to be screwed into the component that lies beneath the stool leg and increases the height.

Step 2: Add the spacer

If the leg extender offers this alternative, place the spacer pieces for each leg.

On top of the core piece, some extenders include parts that may fit in the leg tubes. These components can boost the leg’s height taller than the core piece. Each of these pieces then gradually raises the height.

Step 3: Insert the leg extender

Attach a leg extension to the base of every stool leg. Make sure that you have placed the legs properly.

Many varieties of extenders may just sit inside the stool legs and will drop off if the user lifts the stool. But don’t worry! Some certain extenders feature a locking part that maintains the extender part on the legs. You need to adjust the stool legs at the end of the process.

Make Your Own Leg Extenders

You can make the stool leg extenders on your own instead of buying them. Let’s see how it happens.

1. Making Leg Extenders with PVC Pipes

One of the most affordable and convenient ways to raise the height of your bar stools is to use PVC leg extenders. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Measure the height

The first thing to take note is the expected height of the bar stools. Measure the distance between the foot of the bars on the stool’s legs and the height you need the stool to be.

To elevate the stool, the bars will sit on top of the extensions. However, if the stool has no bars or if the bars are just too high, this approach cannot work. You’ll need to buy professional furnishing leg extenders in this situation.

measuring pvc pipe

Step 2: Measure the length

You need to calculate the length from the floor to the lowest edge of the bars. Now measure the stool’s seat to the floor. Then, subtract it from the required size.

Next, you should add the difference to the gap between the floor and the lowest edge of the bar. The result is the length of the PVC pipe extenders.

Step 3: Cut the pipes

Note down the result from step 2 to measure the pipe. Then, use a hacksaw to cut the pipes. The pipe’s diameter should be wide enough for a stool leg to fit within. After that, cut out the ends of the legs to match the stool.

Next, cut the PVC pipes at such an angle if the legs are inclined outward. This angle depends on the design of the stool. To avoid breaking or chipping, you may insert the end caps to the pipe sections that will lie on the floor.

cutting pvc pipe

Step 4: Attach the pipes

Place a cut pipe on the foot of every stool leg. Then, push it against the bars. If you elevate the stool, this sort of leg extension will not remain on the legs. The bar stool will also be unsteady if the pipe is significantly bigger than the stool legs. As a result, select the PVC pipe with care.

2. Making PVC Pipes Look Like Wood

PVC pipes are durable and long-lasting. However, in terms of aesthetics, they may not be a good choice.

If you prefer wood-like objects, you can follow these steps to change PVC appearance:

  • To begin, sand the pipe lightly to make a nice, matte finish. After that, give this pipe a natural wood grain. Cut tiny cravings and grooves with a sharp knife for this purpose.
  • After that, sand again but with a delicate touch this time. The pipe’s surface will have the appearance of solid wood grain!
  • You should apply wood stain to the pipe. To keep your hands from getting soiled, wear protective gloves. Use a foam brush to apply a stain coat.
  • Then, wipe it away with a paper towel. You can color the pipe until you achieve the expected color.
  • After that, let it dry completely.
  • Finally, it’s time to implement the finishing touches on your work. Hang the pipe so that you can use a heat gun to scorch the pipe’s edges. Bend the edges slightly so that they have the wood’s natural form.
Making PVC Pipe Look Like Wood
When PVC pipe look like wood

3. Making PVC Pipes Look Like Metal

If you like something sparkle, try the metal coat for the PVC pipe.

  • Start by sanding the PVC pipe with sandpaper. After that, you’ll need to paint a thick coat of primer. It’ll be more resistant to the cast iron procedure.
  • After that, apply a thin coat of oil-based paint to the prepared PVC. It is advisable to choose the black hue since it gives the item a rusted look.
  • Before the new layer goes dry, be sure you spread some light sand on it. It will result in a hard texture.
  • If you’ve done sanding the rusty parts, go ahead and apply some extra sand to make it seem harder.
  • Before the pipe has dried completely, add a second layer.
  • Prepare for the last step once the texture has dried. You’ll need to complete coating the pipe by applying another layer. The final coat can create a metal-like look for the pipe.
pvc pipe look like metal
A PVC pipe with a metal-like appearance


Making your bar stools taller is not too complicated. You’d better go for the leg extenders to raise their heights as well as save your money for other purposes. Besides, you can also make your stools look more stunning with a coat of wood or metal.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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