How to Make an Office Chair Higher?

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Choosing the right height of the seating is something you need to pay special attention to because it determines the health of your body. This becomes even more important when you sit in an office chair for many hours a day and many days a week.

When adjusting the chair height and sitting position, the general rules such as elbows, thigh angles, lumbar support, or eye-level position are the factors you need to concentrate on. However, how to increase the height of your office chair, and what is its proper height? The next part of the article will answer these questions for you.

Determine the Ideal Office Chair Height

Many standard office chairs come with adjustable backrests and seats and even have mesh backrests. However, they also have many different types, so you need to remember the following standards:

  • Your thighs should be flat on the seat.
  • Calves and knees will form a right angle.
  • The feet will be flat on the floor and perpendicular to the shins.
  • Sit with your back and legs, forming an angle of 100 to 135 degrees (if possible).
  • You should place your arms close to the sides of your body.
  • Relax your shoulders and neck.

armrests vs no armrests

You can flexibly adjust the sitting position and the height to suit your body. The chair can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the desk or the usage situation.

With the line of office chairs, normally, the standard working size is as follows:

  • Height from ground to seat: 450 – 480 mm.
  • Height of back chair: 900 – 1300 mm.
  • Width: 450 – 550 mm.
  • Depth: 400 – 500 mm.

These are the general sizes of office chairs today. As for each model for different positions, the size is different.

Ways to Make Your Office Chair Higher

In such a manner, there are three kinds of office chairs to be specific: the ones with a threaded post, the ones with adjustment levers, and others without any scheme structure. Adjusting each of them is somewhat dissimilar, though some methods are suitable to all types.

1. Raise the Chair Height with Adjustment Lever

Raise chair height with adjustment lever

The adjustment lever is normally placed under the bottom of the office chair. To adjust, you must not sit on it. Slowly pull up the lever; when it reaches the right height, release it.

If the chair is too high and you want to lower it, it’s not a big deal since you are free to adjust the height within its limitation (3-4 inches in normal)! Do the same thing in reverse, sit on the chair and pull the lever up. When reaching the appropriate height, release the lever.

2. Use the Threaded Post

This idea is only feasible for the one with the threaded post onboard.

First, begin with putting the chair topsy turvy and afterward grease up the threaded post. Then, take a cloth or a rag and tidy up the additional oil to ensure that the chair will not slip while attempting to deal with it. This also eliminates any dirt build-up on it.

threaded post

At that point, turn it either clockwise or gainsay to make the height changes following your requirements. If you have figured out how to get the seat to the desired tallness, you can quit turning.

If you feel that more height is required, you should give it a couple of more twists. Each twist will raise about 1/4 inch, so you should turn it clockwise multiple times altogether to raise the chair 2 inches.

3. Make the Chair Higher with Wood Pieces

This method is just workable with a chair having long screws, which can build for a strong and dependable seat in any case. Adding a piece(s) of wood between the seat and the base following these steps:

Raising the height with wood pieces

  1. Upset your chair to such an extent where the base is confronting upwards.
  2. Use a screwdriver to eliminate the seat slant system (or lower part of the seat in case there’s no slant component) underneath the seat.
  3.  Point out the openings on the bottom of the chair following its lower part.
  4. Trim a wooden piece (2 to 3 inches thick) and marginally more extensive than the lower part of your seat. You can likewise stack bits of wood to achieve the ideal thickness.
  5. Drill some holes in the wood to coordinate with the hole on the chair’s lower part. Permit the distance from each hole to the edge of the wood should be 1/2 inch for toughness.
  6. Spot the wood onto the lower part while adjusting the holes you’ve done with the screw holes on the seat, the wood part, and the seat’s foundation.

Ensure that you pick the screws adequately long to go straight through the wood and arrive at the foundation of the chair for a tightened fit.

The additional wood can lift by a stature like its width. You will realize that the seat’s controls are lower than standard; however, they merit additional stature.

4. Use Bigger Casters

The standard size of office chair casters goes from 2 inches to 2.5 inches in diameter. Assuming your desk sits a little higher, a straightforward and cheap approach to raise your office chair is to supplant your flow casters with bigger ones.

bigger casters

Pick the 3-inch or 4-inch wheels, which gives you an extra 1-inch to 2-inch lift. This way seems extremely basic and doesn’t need any tool.

You can remove your old casters by hand. Then be able to supplant it with the new ones and enter some metal pins into the plastic attachment. Ensure it fits stable.

5. Use a Height Extender Kit

The height extension kit adds moderate height while still approving you to adjust it. It costs you little and also often has a foot ring that gives your feet a rest at the new tallness.

height extension kit

With a height extender, you can reach a boost up to 9 inches or more.

6. Add a Platform Below Your Chair

This way is like tip #4 above; however, if you don’t wish to burn through cash on new casters, you can pick some hard stuff such as wooden boards and use them as a platform to stabilize your chair temporarily.

add platform below your chair

The height of a platform is equivalent to a certain height that you desired.

7. Add a Seat Cushion

A seat cushion is the most demanding approach to transform any awkward seat into something tolerable both in height and comfort.

The thickness of which cushion you choose will decide exactly how high you’re ready to lift your office chair.

For instance, The Stuffed Cushion is 3 inches thick and made from gel. Sitting on it probably gives you a height of around 2 inches, which is contingent upon your weight.

In case that you need to rise a lot higher, a thicker and denser pad is an option, similar to the Everlasting Comfort. This cushion is developed utilizing high-thickness adaptive padding and has an ideal thickness of up to 3.5 inches.

8. Use Furniture Risers

Using furniture risers to increase height is also not a bad idea. But remember to choose the type that is the right size for the footrest or wheels. In addition, pay attention to the type that can bear the chair load + the person sitting.

furniture risers

A furniture riser commonly gives you an around 3-inch lift. You can easily find it on many online shopping platforms.

9. Replace a Gas Lift Cylinder with a Longer One

The length of the gas lift cylinder decides how high the chair will go. Standard office chairs have a gas lift cylinder with a movement/stroke of around 5 inches.

replace with longer gas cylinder

Assuming that completely broadening such a seat doesn’t give you the right height, you can consider getting a more drawn-out gas lift cylinder with a higher stroke.

Search for a gas lift chamber with a stroke of more than 5 inches for the best outcomes. Some can go as high as 8 inches, which is an extraordinary improvement.

10. Buy a Higher and Bigger One

Now and again, the strategies suggested here to build the tallness of the chair may not work, considering that the chair would be excessively little.

In that case, looking for a greater office chair will be a wise investment.


As seen here, making an office chair taller or higher is very simple, relying upon which you own and the stature increment required.

On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea to manage it, don’t endeavor to change its portions since you might wind up with a messed-up seat.

Realizing how to higher your chair goes far in creating you agreeable at work. Hopefully, this article will help you find the best solution for your office chair.

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