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8 Ways to Make a Futon Look Classy

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A futon is a must-have in any home for the health perks and comfort it offers. However, every piece of furniture should blend seamlessly together to create the overall beauty of the room. So, how to make your futon look better so that it blends in and boosts the aesthetic vibe in your house?

That is not something you can complete overnight, but there are some reliable tips you can apply to make your desire come true. Let’s check out what they are!

How to Make a Futon Look Classy

1. Buy a Classy Futon

When buying items for the living space, everyone looks at the color first. This, however, is not entirely correct. Over time, your futon will require a touch-up.

But there is one design element that you will not be able to replace, the frame. As a result, regardless of which design you intend to use, ensure that the frame design is appealing and lives up to the aesthetic you want to achieve. When purchasing your first futon, your priority should be to choose a nice-looking frame.

classy futon sofa bed

Furthermore, keep in mind factors such as how long it will last, how much weight it will hold, and how flexible it will be to visualize the space of the futons with the frame in mind.

If you find a futon sofa that meets the above requirements, you’ve found your soul chair to move on to the other tips.

2. Add More Pillows

So the futon is there, but what are the remaining accessories that complement the sofa to make it a perfect couch to sit and go through the daily email box, as well as a soft mattress to lull you to sleep warmly? It’s the pillows.

Who doesn’t appreciate classy throw pillows? You can take advantage of the same method to embellish the futon that you want to use as a couch in your living space.

add more pillows for classy look

Because there are so many different ways to jazz things up, you can pick and choose which ones will work best for these particular uses. Find pillows in a synergistic color to make this tip even more aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing a color that blends or contrasts with your futon will help it stand out and bring out its vibrancy.

3. Add a Nice Blanket

However, sleeping in a bed without your beloved blanket would be a major remiss. In addition to pillows, blankets are necessary for sound sleep, adding perfection to your futon sofa.

add a nice blank to the futon

This flaw is easily remedied with an ultralight-down blanket. Composition wraps made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, or 100 percent polyester treated with silicone, will ensure “ultralight” and retain heat well during use.

Using super-light cotton blankets often results in a smooth floating sensation, as well as a relatively lightweight that can be hand-washed, machine washed, and dry cleaned.

4. Change the Futon Cover

Covers are possibly the most adaptable design feature, serving the appearance of your futon. But don’t just pick any cover; you don’t want your wraps to resemble regular mattress ones that you’ve used to cover your furnishings.

You want to be certain that your futon still appears to look like a couch and not a mattress as much as probable. But then, you’ll be astonished at how this modification can completely transform your futon with its perfectly fitting size and just enough pattern!

5. Futon Placement

You must pay close attention to the details and ensure that you can visualize the design concepts you have and how well they will collaborate in your room—putting it in a strategic position. Then, to achieve the best results, place it where you would typically place your sofa.

green futon sofa in living room

This tip is also one of the secret keys to shifting its overall appearance, as the natural tendency is to position the futon in a location that will be more friendly to family friends or overnight guests.

Classy decor styles that are always flexible, light, and light-filled are ideal for placing futons. Although this is only a minor twist in position, it has the potential to incorporate the room completely.

A futon can be a stunning piece of furniture. All you have to do is make sure it’s in free space to provide the open effect. Then, combine these techniques into your layout as much as feasible.

6. Lighting

Natural daylight can convert a room. The more good lighting there is in a room, the more your textures will stand out. Even if your whites are tedious, natural light will make them look much sharper, functional, and graceful.

brown futon with standing light

If you prefer, you can alternate with artificial light. Search for light designs that will go well with your comfortable futon. For example, a bigger upturned lamp that bends down over the sofa could be ideal. Or it could simply be a table lamp that sparkles some brightness on it.

It will not only make your furniture look more classy, but the shadows cast by light will add depth to it. The delicate balance of light and dark will significantly impact how stylish your item appears in the entire room!

7. Side Table

Assemble your futon with a small coffee table that can be easily carried around to enhance its design. And why not place books or a vibrant green plant on top of the table? The space will look far better and much less vacant.

futon couch with side table

Given that many futons lack armrests, the inclusion of a small coffee table makes a beautiful open fluid motion. Adding a gorgeous side table produces a lovely balance between the pieces of furniture. You can carry out the sophistication of your futon by using a consistent visual style.

8. Rug or Carpet

If you have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind floor mat under the futon that complements the space, your guests will become more outstanding, attractive, and impressive.

With a wide variety of colors, designs, patterns, and materials, you can easily pick an area rug well-fitted to your sofa bed or futon, adding a luxurious and cozy touch to the space.


There are many ways to make your futon look classy and the ways above are just one of them. You can combine some or all of them to make your futon, as well as the room, become more prominent and comfortable. Hopefully, you will find a way that suits your condition and needs.

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