How to Make a Daybed Look Like a Couch

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Do you want to make the most out of the space in your living room? Most of us are looking for practical and space-saving furniture ideas.

A daybed is a piece of furniture that is ideal for tiny dorm rooms or living rooms. So, do you know the way to make the daybed look like a couch?

If you get a daybed and would like to make it more practical, there are several easy hacks that you may do.

Some several approaches help to make a daybed look good and feel like a couch.

  • Buy the right daybed
  • Add a backrest pillow
  • Add more pillows
  • Use daybed cover or decorative throw blanket
  • Consider a coffee table and side table
  • Choose the right position

Now, let’s get right into the details!

Can You Use a Daybed as a Sofa in Your Living Room?

daybed as sofa in living room

The answer is Yes; the couch is one of the numerous things you can transfer a daybed into since they share several characteristics. Converting a daybed to a sofa or couch for use in a living room is not too complicated.

This is easier when the daybed has armrests, backrests and looks exactly like a sofa from the start.

You simply add some cushions and ornamental objects and modify or add furnishings to the area. It may take some time to put together, but it may be more relaxing than a sofa.

How to Style A Daybed Like A Couch?

Because we want to make the most out of our space, most of us are looking for practical and space-saving furniture ideas. You may create the look of a couch-like daybed with only a few simple ideas.

1. Buy The Right Daybed

daybed that looks like a couch

You are in luck if you are still undecided on which daybed for purchasing. When it comes to appearing like a sofa, the correct daybed will go a very long way. Take a look at the greatest adult daybeds that look like couches.

Your task is already halfway finished if you get an upholstered or leather daybed featuring a broad armrest and a comfortable backrest. The distinctions between a sleeper couch and a daybed are substantially blurred if you get the correct model.

This way can help it fit in better in your living area and become a welcoming type of furniture which everyone likes to utilize.

Upholstered daybeds resemble sofas much more than the metal-frame, narrow daybeds that have been widely available.

The thick cushioned padding provides more padding on the armrests and a tilted backrest similar to a sofa, providing a more relaxing seating or lying experience.

2. Add a Triangular Backrest Cushion

This ingenious creation intends to serve as a comfy backrest. The usual couch backrest is around 15 degrees slanted back.

This feature lets you relax and sit back more comfortably since your upper body’s weight is distributed equally instead of being supported only by the hips. This minor adjustment has a significant impact on appearance and comfort.

Whether your daybed has or does not have a vertical backrest, you may either cushion it with oversized cushions or go on to a triangle daybed cushion.

The cushion automatically generates the ideal sitting posture for a pleasant backrest comparable to a sofa.

3. Add More Pillows

add more pillows to daybed

Large and more pillows take up a lot of room and might make the bed appear smaller than it is, obscuring some depth. When you lean against them, it also propels you forward.

You can also use large pillows to form a backrest for your bed that does not have one. It will be more pleasant to relax and sit back on the bed as a result of this.

If no one is lying in bed, remove the pillows. Textures, colors, and patterns may all be combined and matched to get the desired look in the space.

4. Use Daybed Cover Or Decorative Throw Blanket

Throw blankets look great on any piece of furniture. They are also expected on couches in the classical sense. This mindset allows you to see that the daybed seems like a sofa and couch.

Throw blankets warm up the area and provide a welcoming environment. Perhaps you or your visitor would want to relax and read some books.

Instead of utilizing the bed’s comforter, drape a throw over yourself. This way is also an excellent option if all you need to do is a snooze. Match the throw blanket to the rest of the room’s decoration.

5. Consider a Coffee Table and Side Table

daybed with side and coffee table

A coffee table makes a twin bed or a daybed appear smaller by giving it the appearance of a sofa. It usually lay in front of a couch, so a daybed turned into a couch should follow suit.

A coffee table provides the impression of being in a sitting room, but you can put it aside whenever you are sleeping in the bed and want the space to be clean. The coffee table may be responsible for extra decoration or even periodicals and books in your living room.

To make it cozier, place a lovely rug below. On each side of the bed, side tables have a fantastic accent. They provide enough room for a calendar, a beautiful set of lamps, or other decorative items you choose.

You or your visitors can enjoy coffee and place it on this table. Also, you can store additional blankets, novels, or board games on the tables.

6. Choose The Right Position

The positioning of your daybed has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your room. Because we want to turn the daybed into a couch, make sure it doesn’t take up any traditional bed space.

So where would you put a couch if you had one? Try to keep your daybed with trundle in the same spot. Keep in mind that you will need to pull out your trundle, so make sure there’s enough room around the daybed.

To choose the best placement, try various walls in your space. You may use side tables to enhance the style and look of your room and supplement the traditional bed setup.

Wall-mounted lights can improve the characteristics of your space if you intend to add several lighting. Please choose a location that does not have a lot of frames on the rear wall since the day bed will obscure them.

How to Make Your Daybed More Comfortable For Sitting?

There are some other methods to make your daybed feel and appear like a sofa. It’s about the angle and depth of the seat.

Adjust The Depth Of The Seat

An ordinary couch’s seat depth is roughly 22 inches, yet a daybed twin mattress is 40 inches broad. That implies utilizing huge backrest mattresses; you will need to decrease the length of the seat by about 17 inches.

If you do not, you could wind up putting pressure on its rear legs as your feet dangle off the ground.

Although when compressed, the cushion may have to be this size. For added thickness, you could wish to add a second level of padding on the back.

Adjust The Angle Of The Seat

Couch seats or sofas should have a downward slope of around 5% front to back. This way helps to “prop” you up on the couch by supporting the lower portion of the thighs below the hamstring.

You will keep feeling as if you are slipping down if the slope is absent. However, daybeds are meant to be used as a sleeping surface and have a flat slope angle.

In our post, we go through this in further detail: Is it possible to sit and sleep comfortably on a daybed? If you’re only going to use your daybed like a sofa and won’t be sleeping on that sofa, you may fake the slope by doing the following:

  • By using risers to raise its front legs
  • By reducing the length of the rear legs
  • By adding cushioning to your daybed mattress’s front, you may make it more comfortable.
  • By filling sofa cushions in a way that its front height is raised

These ways make it more difficult to sleep, and the daybed’s dual-purpose capability will disappear. As a result, these are relatively severe, and you should only attempt them if you don’t mind sleeping on a daybed anymore.

Although you plan on resting on that daybed, there must be some front lift, which may be done by strategically placing throw pillows.


Hopefully, you can understand the method to make your daybed look like a couch. By putting up some large cushions and pillows on your daybed, you can quickly style it as a sofa or couch. Thus, you can still use your daybed as a couch in the living room and use it as a guest bed when needed. This will save a lot of space for your small house. Don’t limit your creativity. Try other styling ideas to get the most out of any furniture you have.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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