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How to Keep a Sectional Couch Together? (6 Effective Ways)

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If you own a sectional couch, chances are you’ll face its pieces sliding apart. It makes you uncomfortable, and in some cases, you cannot use it. To avoid this problem, below are some of the best ways to keep your sectional together.

These ways are not difficult to implement. You simply have to follow it exactly or do it the way that suits your needs.

Best Ways to Keep a Sectional Couch from Sliding Apart

1. Sectional Couch Clamps Or Rubber Bands

An excellent seating form for families of 4 or more is the sectional couch. Depending on the design, manufacturers will use different multi-piece cross-sections; they space them apart and connect with or without connectors.

If the sectional section does not have a sufficient number of joints, the joints will be missing and the Sectional Sofa. For this situation, you will have several solutions to keep the parts from moving when sitting or reclining.

Keeping the pieces connected not only feels comfortable but also ensures safety. The separate sofa is a cause of discomfort because you have to reposition it. Also, the constant movement makes the floor scratched and loses its aesthetics.

At this point, you can find the help of a lanyard. The lanyard helps to keep the sectional’s pieces together. When doing this, you need to choose the correct wire color for the furniture to avoid the difference being too big to reveal defects.

In easy-to-move areas, reposition the seat pieces and fasten their legs together.

2. Plastic Zip Ties

Zip Ties are also a good choice for your sofa

If you have done solutions related to floor friction but still not enough to keep the sectional from sliding apart, then move on to the more optimal method. Sometimes, your sofa subdivision needs a more robust physical connection, and zip ties are the choice now.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to form a connection and keep the seat in place; all you need are cheap zip ties. The steps are straightforward.

First, you need to define separate sectional parts to manipulate. Here you will wrap the zip around the legs from each section. For a tight connection, you must tighten to tie the zip. For the other parts, you do the same thing.

In general, using zip ties is not too elegant, but it is highly effective, and the implementation cost is also very cheap. So it is one of the most common usages.

Usually, after the connection is complete, you can cut off the excess to ensure the best aesthetics. And we recommend using zip in a neutral color not to affect the look of the chair.

3. Gate Hooks and Eyes

If your budget is not ready to buy a hardware bracket, look to the other metal and gate hooks option. You can find it easily at your local store or buy it online.

The same goes for when using the bracket, and you need to check the number of gate hooks and eyes first by counting the joints. You will need a sufficient number of the gate and eye hooks to connect the seat sections, so make sure to have the exact number required.

Next, you need to choose hooks with springs and slide locks to not come off during use. We’re sure you don’t want to waste your time and effort just connecting them and then getting ripped apart quickly.

All you have to do is attach the hook to the bottom of the seat in the front or center. Continue doing the same for the other connections until complete.

4. Sectional Connectors

The sectional connector is one of the best options

Keeping a sectional couch together is usually less applicable than the methods we mentioned above. However, we still want to recommend it as a valuable solution to connect sofa sections. Note that there are many different couch connectors today, so do your research carefully to decide.

Whether you use furniture clips that fit snugly against the couch or rubber bands, they won’t give the desired effect. At this point, you can refer to the swing connection. The way it works is similar but with better performance.

In addition, this type of connector is usually dark in color and fits snugly over the top of the chair leg. So it is not revealing and ensures pleasing aesthetics.

In addition, you can watch the video below:

5. Keep The Sofa Legs In Place

Sometimes, the cause of a sectional sofa is a lack of interaction between the chair legs and the floor. So to solve the problem, you should increase the friction to prevent the section movement when someone is sitting and operating on the chair. We have three methods you can refer to:

  • Keep the floor clean.
  • Use rubber pads.
  • Change the floor surface.

Keep the floor clean

Try to clean the floor regularly 

Keeping the floor clean is one way to minimize frictional deficiencies. If you don’t clean it regularly, dust accumulates and becomes the cause of your feet being slicker than usual. Although this is not very efficient, it is simple and the starting point to solve the problem.

Use rubber pads

If the floor is not the cause of the slippery condition due to low friction, consider the chair’s foot. It could be the culprit causing the chair to move and the sectional sofa.

Because the material of the legs is too slippery and doesn’t stick to the floor, you need something to increase the friction.

Rubber pads are a lifesaver for you at this time. Not too expensive and also very easy to do, you need to put the pad on the bottom of the chair.

In addition, you can also find specialized grippers, which can replace the rubber gasket. The clamps can handle the slippery situation well while protecting the floor from scratches and are unsightly.

Change the floor surface

Replace the floor surface

Changing the floor surface is the same solution as using rubber pads. In this way, you increase the friction by changing the floor, not the chair’s foot.

If the floor is made of a material such as hardwood, linoleum, then your chair will not be able to hold firmly. Meanwhile, carpet increases friction better.

Of course, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to change the entire floor, and you just need to invest in a rug to put in the sofa area. With the texture of the carpet surface, you will have more friction, which will solve the problem.

Moreover, decorating with herbs will increase the aesthetics of your living space.

6. Use sectional brackets

Curly brackets are a fairly standard piece of hardware, which you can see in most metal frame pre-installed parts. This hardware consists of 2 parts that lock together if installed correctly.

The use of a bracket ensures both aesthetics and sturdiness, so many people choose it instead of zipping. To install, you need to follow these steps:

  • Counting joints: if your sofa has six parts, you will need to prepare six sets of brackets to connect. So first, you need to measure the joints in the chair to determine the correct amount of support to use.
  • Flip the section to the side: flip each section to interact with its underside in this step. Remember to check fit to ensure the best effect.
  • Mark the location of the screw: You can use a pencil or any other tool that can be inserted through the screw hole to mark the position on the metal frame. Then use a drill and screwdriver to make a hole at the marketplace. Be careful, or you will crack the spot.
  • Fixing the bracket: Finally, you connect both sides of the chair piece, so you can customize the frame to fit the latch or latch mechanism.

It can be that the use of racks is given a lot of priority. You can use it to pair most hardware. Sofas can help you solve the sectional sofa situation while ensuring safety, stability, and aesthetics.


Keeping the sectional from separating or moving minimizes the floor surface in the area from being scratched and provides a more secure, comfortable feeling when used. To limit this situation, you can try one or more of the ways shared above. However, you should carefully follow the instructions to ensure the best effect.

Hopefully, the sectional couch will stay together until you separate it.

Last but not least, if you find this article helpful, please share it with your loved ones so they can access the smartest ways. Thank you for reading!

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