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7 Tricks to Keep Couch Covers in Place and Stop Slipping

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It isn’t very pleasant that every day, every hour, you have to flatten your couch cover after each use. It wastes your time and effort. You should find a way to deal with this situation.

So, how to keep couch covers in place? We will show you precisely each trick to secure the slipcover in the section below.

We aggregated and selected the tricks and hacks based on the practice conditions, so you can easily do them straightforwardly.

You do not need to use all of them; you need to read and understand to choose the appropriate solution.

How to Keep a Couch Cover in Place

We understand your pain when lying on your favorite sofa. The condition of the cover shifting or slipping out of the sofa is exceptionally obnoxious and makes your body uncomfortable. So, it’s time to make your couch cover stay in place.

1. Foam Inserts

Many sofa covers will come with foam pads; all you need is to use those same foam pads tucked indirectly into the chair slots. So very quickly, you were able to keep the cover in place.

You should also note that during the insertion process, you need to smooth and bring the excess wrinkles towards the slot of the seat and insert. Only in this way will you ensure that your chair, when inserted, will no longer be wrinkled.

However, this approach will not bring you long-term results. You will notice that only within a certain amount of time with specific action those insert buttons will be removed and returned to their original state.

In general, this tip is only about bringing your chair to a high aesthetic position. For the user, not effective on the first use.

2. Slipcover Straps Clips

To overcome the limitations of the insertion procedure, we bring you a solution to perform more efficiently with the straps. This type of strap can help you accurately and tightly hold your covers in place, giving you more comfortable movement.

The usage of this strap is also extremely light and easy, and you need to do it. Flatten the surface of your sofa and then fix the clips through the armrest system. Thus, you have a comfortable sofa for your relaxing time.

Overall, we appreciate how effective this solution has been for you. They can keep your slipcovers in place for a long time. When those straps are wide for the size of your sofa, then it stops working for you.

In general, this method does not have many limitations. Their weakness is making it difficult for first-timers. Inexperienced people will have difficulty connecting the two ends of the straps.

3. Sofa Tuckers

One fantastic trick to help you keep your cover in place is the Sofa Tucker. They function pretty like foam pads and are made of PVC material.

Sofa Tucker makes it easy to secure surfaces or other objects in place and prevents them from sliding. This feature allows you to reduce wrinkles in your chair and enhance the aesthetics of your chair.

Tucker sofa has many different sizes for you to choose from. However, as well as the Tucker Sofa insertion procedure, it does not provide a high holding effect for a long time. They are only temporary, and if you work hard on the chair, they will quickly return to their original state.

4. Non-slip pad

Sticky pad

Using anti-slippering cushions is also the solution to help you minimize wrinkles and folds on the chair’s surface. Moreover, they also help you to have more valuable and meaningful experiences.

However, what we are most afraid of is the product’s price. Not everyone has enough economic potential to own a complete set of anti-slip covers. That is a challenging thing. Therefore, we recommend that you consider carefully before deciding on which procedure to perform.

5. Clear tip twist pin wrap

Using a twist pin is also a great way to secure your cover. Their precision and durability are pretty appreciated, suitable for use on couches, sofas, or even the strangest-looking chairs.

Although twisted, these pins are easy to repair by applying less pressure to ensure they hold tighter. What’s more, you can completely wear them on nightgowns or any width, and you want them to stay in place.

All your questions about design and features will be answered in detail.

The biggest drawback of this method is causing wrinkles at the pin site. However, they don’t affect the overall look too much.

6. Cardboard tube/magazine/non-stick rubber shelf liner

Anything that can be into tube-like cardboard or a nonstick rubber shelf can be used to keep your covers in place.

Or you can use the newspapers or magazines you have read, roll them up and secure them with glue or tape. The result you get is round and long tubes. Push the round tube between the mattress and the couch sides as predefined, and they will hold in place for you.

This recipe is quite simple, easy to do with ingredients at home. Their effectiveness is not too high, but enough for you to temporarily fix before offering long-term solutions.

7. Cover Fits Well

Using a couch-sized cover is also the perfect solution for minimizing wrinkles and folds on the seat surface.

To do this, you need to measure the size of your couch accurately, then come up with a design idea for your cover, and then order highly specialized tailors. This way will bring a high aesthetic value to the couch and help you have more beautiful experiences.

But the cost to perform this procedure is relatively high. If you can afford it, then it’s not too bad for you to follow.

Of course, a small tip for you to save costs is to hunt for discount codes on e-commerce platforms. Accordingly, major festive occasions such as Black Friday are one such day. Slipcovers will often have deep discounts and benefit you.

In addition, you can also prioritize buying the small sizes, which are cheaper and will be more versatile than the large sizes. And obviously, they will always stay in place and not slide off the couch when in use.

Or you can watch this video to get a deeper understanding of the above-fixed tips. Try it out, make your slipcover fit better, and don’t forget to leave feedback!


The seven above hacks to keep sofa covers in place are pretty much enough for your pain. Sometimes, we can fix it right from the start. Choose a slipcover that fits better, and it will always be in place without slipping or shifting.

Hopefully, the article has brought you the desired value. Your satisfaction is the motivation to help us find more helpful information.

If you have any other related questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below so that we can promptly respond. Thank you for reading!

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