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How to Fix a Sagging Recliner Seat?

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Recliner seats, after using for a long time, will show signs of sagging. The reason is that their cushions and springs have some problems.

However, fixing the problems is simple. Just follow the below steps to make your sagging recliner more comfortable.

  • Detecting the problem
  • Get rid of old cushions and bad textures
  • Tie up the chair to make sure everything is secure
  • Add supporting details like planks, cushions
  • Rearrange seating position

Keep reading, and you will know how to fix a sagging recliner seat in detail!

How to Fix a Recliner That is Sagging

Here are detailed instructions to help you restore your sagging recliner. However, you should also prepare a professional kit, a good spirit, and ask for the support of others if possible.

Why Do Recliners Sag?

You must first determine what kind of problem you are facing. Here, the issues of your recliner have sagged due to reasons such as springs, cushions, or upholstery is no longer well.

recliner seat springs

For example, if your springs are no longer elastic, it must replace or repair them. A good spring should at least ensure that they have a zigzag texture and are strong.

After a long time of use, if the recliner under the influence of the owner has caused this layer of springs to deform, you should find a way to repair or replace them directly.

You must identify the problem in advance to focus on solving it correctly to save time and effort for yourself.

Get Rid Of Old Cushions and Worse Structures

Now you need to release old paddings or broken textures that are no longer usable. A good way for you is to rotate the recliner vertically. Now, the legs of the chair extend, and the cushion is fully exposed to the outside.

From here, you can use the naked eye to observe and determine what parts of your mattress are wrong.

In the process, however, your springs are likely no exception as the culprit. It is a good idea for you to thoroughly identify again all but possible causes of your recliner sagging and address them once and for all.

After determining whether the problem is the mattress or spring, simply pull them out or repair the structure and finish the cleaning process.

make sagging recliner comfortable

The new problem here is that replacing or repairing takes time and order. How do you take out the old padding, then let attach the new padding like that? If you replace the spring, you must also follow the fixed rules of the original design.

Tie The Recliner Back to Make Sure Everything is Secure

There are times when the sagging of your recliner is due to its unstable construction. It may be due to long-term use. Therefore, the screws have worn out and need tightening. If so, you just need to use a wrench to tighten them according to the clockwise rule to strengthen them and you’re done.

Or if these screws are past their age or there is a risk of damage if they screw again, we just need to replace them.

You should check them continuously and often during tightening by lying on the chair to test their strength.

Besides, a good idea for you to know if they are alive or not is to listen to their sound. If a screw is old, it will likely make a sound when you lie on the recliner and vice versa.

Add Supporting Details Like Planks, Cushions

Another way to solve your recliner problem faster is to add support like a cushion or plank.

If your recliner is only slightly sagging, you don’t need to replace the interior structure. You only need to use a small substitute such as a mouth liner. Then, you gently place this cushion on the sagging part of the recliner and adjust the backrest to balance.

reinforce sagging recliner with cushion support
Add cushion supports to reinforce the sagging seat

Or, if possible, insert some cotton or cushion support directly into the seat. You simply make a small incision to insert the cotton and then skillfully sew it back.

Using this substitute is a great way to refer. If your recliner then returns to normal, likely, you can simply use this replacement to correct the sagging of your recliner seat temporarily, or even permanently. It’s a great way to save money, isn’t it?

Rearrange Seating Position

After all the above steps, have you ever thought that you can fix the sagging of your recliner simply by rearranging the seat position?

You can sometimes solve this by paying attention and adjusting your seat position accordingly.

Instead of sitting in a fixed place like before, now you just need to change to a new position on the chair to balance the sagging.

And if you don’t want to change your position in the chair, you can use a pillow or a comforter to line the bottom of the chair before you sit up.

You should limit the weight of your body when in contact with the chair and avoid causing the seat sagging to become more and more serious.


By following the steps above, you can fix a sagging recliner seat yourself. However, the steps above are not independent. You need to follow a certain process to find for yourself the best and easiest way to handle the problem.

Of course, after knowing these ways, even if you try to solve the problem yourself for the first time, you will do it.

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