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A personal training studio should be a place where people find inspiration. When people come into your personal training studio, it should be a place conducive to overall fitness. But most importantly, it is a place that should reflect the type of training you specialize in.

And we don’t mean it from a business perspective. Of course, a thoughtfully designed studio can be very beneficial for your brand and finances too!

However, people who look for personal trainers in London are looking for something more than a physical workout. So a holistic experience is what you should offer at your personal training London studio.
Here are the top ways to design the perfect personal training studio.

Get the space right.


Space is paramount in the realm of interior design. And personal training studios are no different. Lack of space and overcrowding is a frequent complaint from patrons of many health clubs. This should not be the case with a personal training studio. The ideal space in a personal training studio is about 40 square feet per client. Even if you are pressed for space, it should not be less than 20 square feet for every client.

Another space component to incorporate in a studio is a pre-assembly area. Space, where clients can use pre and post personal training is a fantastic option. This also gives an opportunity for the clients to socialise if they choose. A designated area to store away the tools and equipment is also essential. There is nothing worse than having your clients stumble on tools and potentially get hurt.

The right floors for safety.


In a personal training studio, a great floor is not only practical. It adds a safety component. In addition, it enhances performance, as well.

The type of flooring you install in your studio will depend on the type of training you engage in. However, some of the best floors to consider are – rubber floors, high-density floors, and all-purpose wood athletic floor and Colours to enhance the overall experience.

The color scheme of your studio has a lot to do with the overall experience. In this regard, too, the type of workout you specialize in should serve as a good guide. For instance, if your studio is all about yoga and other calming activity, soothing and natural colors can calm the senses.

On the other hand, if your training studio is about high intensity and energetic workouts, then consider incorporating bright and vivid color schemes.

Lighting for the ambiance.


The right lighting in a studio can make all the difference. In combination with the color story, lighting is essential for the ambiance in any interior design. When it comes to interior lighting, there are numerous options. You can choose from LEDs to spotlights to light fixtures to get the right feel.

The options for designing a perfect training studio are limitless. However, when you take care of these critical components on the list, you should get the perfect studio. These are practical features, but they also bring an element of safety to the personal training sessions.

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