How to Arrange Two Sofas in a Living Room?

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When it comes to organizing a living room, performing a perfect sofa setup is crucial. It can establish the tone for the entire space in your living room if you know the proper techniques. So, how to arrange two sofas in a living room?

This article will recommend four sofa layouts that can work in most living settings. We also introduce some tips to mix sofas from different characteristics.

If you’re having trouble with filling the space between your two sofas, there are tips to tackle your problem too.

Now, let’s read on and be ready to design your own room!

4 Ways to Arrange Two Sofas in One Living Room

There are many options to arrange your sofas. Each approach has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s have a look at the four most popular setups to see what fits your needs most.

1. Two Couches Facing Each Other

A facing setup is a very typical design. It has your two sofas facing each other, making it ideal for socializing with family and friends.

two leather sofas facing each other


This style of setup also creates a mirror image, which makes the room appear symmetrical. Hence, it seems best in rectangular or square spaces rather than those with angles.

The two sofas stay close together or separate in this arrangement. A coffee table in the middle is a fantastic way to match everything together.

Remember your available space as well as the characteristics of your room. This arrangement is ideal if you want to showcase your fireplace or wonderful wall.

When your couches are facing each other, there is an open space in between. It is ideal for hosting guests while also allowing the fireplace to be the central feature.


One disadvantage of this layout is that it makes it hard for everyone to watch TV. It may not be the best solution if you want to utilize your living room as a media center to watch movies with your family.

2. Two Sofas in L-shaped arrangement

L-shaped couches can work in any room. They may be focal points in open-plan living spaces, decent social settings in tiny minimalist flats, or relaxing places in your living room.

Two couches in L shape arrangement


The L-Shaped layout is perfect for individuals who aren’t as concerned with symmetry or don’t have a square-shaped space.

It’s also an excellent technique to make your two sofas appear like a sectional without buying a new one.

This arrangement is suitable for people who prefer a media entertainment area. It ensures that no one has to bend their necks to watch the movie.

It isn’t easy to position the TV at the correct angle with a fireplace in the middle of the wall. By arranging the sofas in an L-shaped setup, everyone will be relaxed and comfortable while entertaining.

The L-shape layout allows for open space, providing an airy and light environment.

This irregular-shaped space complements the L-shaped architecture by emphasizing the views from the outside rather than the interior.

This style of safe setup is a beautiful method to hide the fireplace if you don’t want it to be the core.


This sitting arrangement isn’t very favorable to the discussion. Another disadvantage is that if your room is not large, it may look crowded. Bear it in mind when you make your selection.

3. Wide-angle Setup

For a wide-angle setup, you need to position the couches away from each other. This approach is also excellent for rooms with irregular shapes.

It’s appropriate for open-concept and large-scale living areas. If you’re using a recliner or an armchair, this layout can help a lot.

Wide angle setup


The wide-angle setup can handle the square-shaped flooring well. It can help cut down the corners in your room. As a result, you can use your space more effectively.

If your floor plan is massive, this arrangement is convenient because it has a bay window. The addition of a third chair completes the look.

Moreover, the owners opted not to highlight the fireplace in this scenario.


A wide-angle setup is suitable for a unique room style. As a result, arranging your couches with this layout is not an easy task.

4. Back-to-back Sofa Arrangement

Placing the sofas back to back is the principle for this arrangement. Remember to leave a two to three-inch space between them so that your room doesn’t look crowded.

two sofas back to back


With this arrangement, you can divide your space into two separate areas and use them for specific uses. One side may serve a gathering purpose. And, the other one can be your fun place.

Since you have two different zones in a room, you will find it easier to develop decoration ideas.


This setup needs a spacious room to take place. They work to serve two purposes at the same time. A narrow space doesn’t allow for it to perform.

Aside from the four setup ideas above, you can try more approaches via this video.

Can You Put Two Different Couches In The Living Room?

Having your sofas fit is simply a matter of taste. Some individuals prefer the aesthetic of matching furnishings, while others like their room to be more colorful.

In terms of design, there is no correct or incorrect solution. After all, it’s your living space. You can do whatever you like.

Here are some ideas if you like to mix different sofas and want them to go in sync.

Different Colored Sofas

Another method to improve the appearance of your living space is to coordinate the color and pattern. You can pair a solid-color couch with a print-covered sofa.

You can also add texture to the area by layering patterned throw blankets or pillows over solid-color couches. This solution is ideal for people who want to bring a bit of playfulness to their homes.

There are some color concepts you can try too, such as:

Complementary Hues

While utilizing more than one tone, using complementary colors from the color chart can assist you in making your room more coherent.

These tones can also give dimension and aesthetic appeal to your room.

Some complementary hues you may use together are red vs. green, blue vs. orange, white vs. grey, and brow vs. blue. If you like black, feel free to mix it with any color.

two different colored sofas

Monochromatic Hues

The monochromatic color combination is another scheme you may employ in the living room with different couches.

To use the scheme, pick a core color to use as your foundation. It’s usually your favorite hue or one that may look nice in your living room.

Triad Scheme

If you’re looking for something unique, try this scheme. It involves using three hues that are oppositely placed on the color spectrum. This color scheme is not only spectacular, but it can also provide visual appeal to any room.

Two of your couches are prominent colors, with the third hue featured in cushions or other room items.

Different Styles

You may spotlight your sofas by mixing and matching different types so that each one can shine in the space. A fresh new sofa might look fantastic next to a classic sofa. You can also make them the same hue or even opposing colors.

These stylistic distinctions may be both aesthetically attractive and topic starters.

Different Materials

Having a leather and a cloth sofa in the same room may look odd at first. These materials are, nevertheless, capable of matching.

two different material sofas
Mixing leather and fabric sofas

They add depth to the space while also bringing attention to each item separately. Mainly if the colors of your sofas are complimentary, some vibrant blankets and pillows can also add a more stunning look to your room.

How Many Couches Should Be in a Living Room?

The number of sofas depends on your preference mostly. Besides, your living size also influences your decision.

If the space is small, one couch is enough. Alternatively, you can add a sectional if you want more seats.

Don’t try to put many chairs in a small room. Instead, you may pair one sofa with a chair or try other creative seating options. This technique can help reduce a sense of overcrowding.

If your room is large, three couches are ideal. You may position two against the walls and the other on an open side. As a result, you will find it simpler to access your room.

What Should You Put Between Two Sofas?

There are a variety of additional items to fill the space. You can choose one after considering the placement of your sofas.

Of course, space-filling is also necessary if your room is huge. Don’t try to buy anything that catches your eyes but doesn’t fit your space.

Now, let’s look at some possible options that usually work.

1. Plants

Plants are a fantastic way to bring life into a room while also adding a natural glow. You may apply the pot to add more color or choose one that matches your home color scheme. With various plants to pick from, you can find what works for you!

plant and ottoman between two sofas

2. Magazine Stands

Magazine stands are available in a multitude of forms, colors, and designs. You can use the stands for your favorite books and magazines.

Positioning one at the crossroads of your two sofas is an excellent method to keep your reading material close at hand.

3. Standing Lamps

A standing lamp is an excellent solution to fill your space, whether merely to occupy the gaps or because you want extra light.

You can select from a wide range of standing lamps in different sizes, styles, and forms. It’s easy to pick the one that fits your living room.

stading lamp and armchair between two sofas

4. End Tables

End tables are an excellent addition to every living room since they are so flexible. They not only cover the space, but they may also display other décor pieces.

You’ll never go wrong with an end table since it meets the right blend of style and functionality.

5. Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders can perform as both function and fashion items. You can place one in the corner between your sofas. If possible, hang some blankets on them to highlight your items.

6. Bookshelf

A corner cabinet or bookcase will provide additional storage in a convenient place to access your sofa. The shelf will also provide you with an alternative display space where you can keep books or other décor pieces that require a place to settle.

bookshelf between two sofas
Credit: Michelle Becker

7. Ottoman Or Coffee Table

If your sofas face each other and need something to cover a space between them, consider an ottoman or a coffee table.

An ottoman typically can store essential living room accessories such as pillows, throw blankets, and DVDs. They usually go with at least one of the sofas and can work as extra seating.

Coffee tables are commonly both beautiful and useful pieces of furniture. There are several designs and styles to choose from. Some feature drawers or space beneath them to store stuff.


We have shared with you some methods for arranging two sofas in one living room, even if they are two different sofas. There are four main setting ideas. No matter which one you choose, it serves your requirements while also highlighting your decor items.

Regarding sofa setting tips, you can mix and match couches with different concepts to bring an exciting look to your living room. Putting something in between can also make your space stand out.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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