How to Add a Headrest to an Office Chair?

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This may be a question that lots of office workers may wonder about. Without a head supporter on your chair, you can suffer from body aches, bad posture, or even serious spine problems.

This article will show you the easy ways to add a headrest to your office chair. This headrest, along with some other tips, will make your working hours more comfortable and productive.

Why Should An Office Chair Have A Headrest?

Having a headrest on your task chair can provide you numerous benefits. While sitting on an ergonomic chair with headrests, you are likely to sit in a more upright position and provide good posture.

When you first sit in front of the desk, you automatically sit with an appropriate posture. However, after long hours working, our shoulder and neck muscles would become weary, and we unconsciously slouch.

On the contrary, if the task chair has head support, you will use it when your muscles become tired. A head supporter will provide you with a place to rest when you feel uncomfortable or even have neck pain.

office chair with headrest

In other words, a headrest guarantees that you are reclining back and relaxing your head in an upright place rather than slouching or hunching forward. Speaking of slouching, it will slowly cause you back pain and damage your spine.

Furthermore, your sitting experience will enhance and you can work for long hours in a more comfortable posture. It helps you concentrate better and work more effectively. As a result, you can increase the productivity of your tasks.

Types Of Office Chair Headrests

A task chair with the head restraint is, of course, the best choice for you to get.

If you can afford to buy an ergonomic office chair, there are three sorts of headrests to choose from: adjustable, fully adjustable, and built-in.

Built-in headrests must be a great fit for your neck height, angle, and curvature. When buying this chair type, you have to choose it carefully as you cannot change the pillow position.

An adjustable headrest is a superior alternative. This type of ergonomic task chair allows you to modify the height of the headrest. So there is no need to choose precise height measurements.

Nonetheless, you have to ensure the angle and curve completely fit your head to get the most support and comfort.

The final and also ideally supported one is the fully adjustable headrest chair. You can modify both the angle and the height of the head support. It allows you to sit in any position while working and relaxing.

Of course, the more parts and convenient functions, the more expensive the product is.

How to Add a Headrest to Your Office Chair

1. Buy a Universal Clip-On Headrest for Your Office Chair

The first method is to buy a universal clip-on headrest and attach it to your chair for an ergonomic design. These are genuine head supporters, not the DIY ones. This method is also a lot easier than doing it yourself.

There are various sizes of headrest attachments. So remember to choose carefully to get the one that fits your chair.

clip on headrest attachment

Here is a clip-on headrest attachment that you can consider buying for your chair.

So, how do you put the headrest in place? It depends on the head attachment you purchase and the office chair you are using. Instructions on how to accomplish it are frequently included with the attachment. Or you can go to Youtube for videos.

If you use the Steelcase Series 2, have a look at the video below.

If you use the Aeron Classic, check out the video below.

2. DIY Headrest with Pillows, Foam, and Fabric

If you like to make a headrest yourself, we have terrific ideas for you. There are two ways you can do it.

The first method is securing a pillow to the office chair.

Get a pillow with a little extra length so that it would be like the headrest. Then you use a rope to secure it to the chair, and now you have a DIY headrest pillow.

diy headrest pillow for office chair

The second method is to use a piece of fabric to make both a headrest and a backrest. Now we will show you how to do it.

diy head support

  • Get a large piece of cloth (or you can turn your bed sheet into it).
  • Get two pillows (one for the head and one for the back).
  • Put the pillows on the office chair so that it comforts your back and head.
  • Use the cloth (or bed sheet) to hold the pillow in situ against the chair’s back. You can adjust slightly to get a more pleasing look.


Adding a headrest to your office chair isn’t too complicated, but it’s not too much of choice. If you are not very handy, buying a universal attachment is a wise choice. On the contrary, if you love to do DIY projects, then feel free to be creative in your own way. Hopefully, you can make it with our article.

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