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10 Best Eames Dining Chair Replica from DSW, DSR to DCW

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Every room needs its beauty, and so should the dining room. A beautiful set of dining chairs, harmoniously combined with other things, will bring you delicious meals as well as show your guests how much you take care of your home.

Your dining room will become cozy and attractive if you can own a set of Eames chairs that you have always wanted. It will obviously wow the guests as well. However, the cost to own Eames dining chairs is clearly not cheap, and it can be said to be expensive. Not everyone has the budget to achieve this desire. If you are one of those people and are looking for alternatives, this article is for you.

It will show you the ten best Eames dining chair replicas on the market. As a result, you can own the chairs with the design you want at a more affordable price, helping to increase the poetic beauty of your beloved home. However, which one is best for you? Let’s read on

Reviews of The Best Eames Dining Chair Replicas

ImageNameStyleRatingsLatest Price
2xhome Molded Shell ChairsDSW4.5/5
Flash Furniture Elon Eiffel ChairsDSR4.5/5
CangLong Molded Plastic ChairsDSX4.7/5
Yaheetech Plastic Side ChairsDSW4.7/5
DHP Modern Arm ChairsDAW4.7/5
2xhome Plastic Arm ChairsDAR4.6/5
Rivet Alva Dining ChairsDAX4.7/5
Giantex Mesh Design ChairsDKW4.5/5
CosmoLiving Astrid Wire ChairsDKX4.7/5
Modway Fathom Plywood ChairsDCW4.0/5

The Eames chair replicas are an ideal solution to decorate your dining room without spending too much money. However, what exactly do you like about these chairs? Let’s see the reviews below, and you will see how valuable they are! They even give you more meaning than you can imagine.

1. 2xhome Molded Shell Armless Dining Chairs DSW

2xhome Molded Shell Armless Dining Chairs DSW

The 2xhome side chairs have a wonderfully simple design that sets them apart from the rest. It carries the famous Eames DSW design that everyone has always loved.

It is composed of a solid wooden base system combined with a seat made of molded plastic that has a high weight-bearing capacity. As a result, this Eames DSW chair replica brings comfort and eases to the users.

Another notable feature in this DSW chair is the seat. It possesses attractive ergonomically shaped curves that give the occupants a feeling of being cherished and cherished. Moreover, this impressive design helps to decorate your living room more appealing to everyone around.

2xhome Molded Shell Armless Dining Chairs DSW in living room

Besides, the quality of this Eames dining chairs replica is also very respectable. You can use the chair comfortably without worrying about falling or breaking because it has been closely linked by high-grade and super-strong steel rails.

On the other hand, the chair’s 20.8 x 18.2 x 32.8-inch size allows you to arrange them in many different spaces easily. Such size comes from the very minimalism in design from the manufacturer.

Not only that, but the 2xhome DSW chair also offers you a variety of different colors. You can choose them depending on your dining room decor and needs..

  • Impressive design
  • Appropriate size
  • High quality and durable plastic material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bring comfort to users
  • Assembly required

2. Flash Furniture Elon Series Eiffel Chairs DSR

Flash Furniture Elon Series Eiffel Chairs DSR

It will be lucky if you decide to choose the Flash Furniture Elon Eiffel chair as the fulcrum of your dining room. It is the lightest chair in the collection. This Eames Eiffel chair replica weighs as little as 10 pounds, allowing you to move it more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury to you.

Such lightweight design comes mainly from the design and materials of the Eames style dining chairs.

First of all, the Flash Furniture DSR chair has a beautiful appearance with simplified details to make it neat and flexible. With its DSR design, you can fully enjoy the comfort of each of your experiences.

The chair has a unique chrome-plated leg system added with sturdy bars to add sturdiness to the chair and a high-quality plastic seat. Both materials are relatively light, and that’s why this dining chair has such an ideal weight.

Flash Furniture Elon Series Eiffel Chairs DSR - side and back

Plus, this DSR chair also owns a perfect size with only 22.5 x 18.25 x 31.5 inches. And of course, with this dimension, you can ultimately place it in any space you want, be it the living room, kitchen, library, or bedroom.

Flash Furniture provides users with a rich color palette, and you can freely choose them for your home space.

  • Lightweight
  • Simple and unique design
  • Perfect build quality
  • Friendly cost
  • Various colors
  • Unstable
  • Short warranty

3. CangLong Mid Century Dining Chairs DSX

CangLong Mid Century Dining Chairs DSX

The CangLong DSX dining chair is a model with many advantages, but the most typical is still its material. Instead of using hard plastic like other chairs in the collection, CangLong chose PU leather as its primary material.

This material gives you twice the comfort compared to conventional materials and makes it more convenient for you to clean.

You can wash them if that’s what you want, or for minor stains, you need to wipe them to have a chair in like-new condition.

Besides, the DSX design is inspired by Eames chairs that are sure to please fans of simplicity and sophistication. This Eames side chair replica has a modern appearance, with separate wooden pillars combined with an impressive PU leather seat. Its DSX design allows users to admire comfort and elegance.

CangLong Mid Century Dining Chairs DSX - in kitchen

Moreover, Canglong also possesses perfect construction quality with absolute certainty to bring safety to the occupants. You can arrange the chair anywhere you want, whether it is a classic or modern space, the Canglong dining chair does the job well.

In addition, the weight of the chair is also excellent at only 9.28 pounds. This weight allows you to easily transport it to many different locations in your home or favorite places. Using this chair for relaxing sessions is an option that cannot be more impressive.

  • Perfect antifouling PU leather material
  • Unique design, special
  • Perfect build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • The cost is not appropriate

4. Yaheetech Plastic Side Dining Chairs DSW

Yaheetech Plastic Side Dining Chairs

Your kitchen will become more charming with the Yaheetech plastic chairs, although their design slightly differs from the Eames DSW chairs. The Yaheetech dining chair has high aesthetics and possesses solid build quality, admirably durable. Having this feature is primarily influenced by its texture.

This Eames shell chair replica is a gentle and delicate combination of modern, sturdy oak legs and a modern-style seat covered with soft and comfortable PU leather.

The DSW design increases your comfort in most of your own experience. And it is also the reason for the durable build quality of the chair.

Notably, in its foot system is the practical anti-slip ability. Using the Yaheetech chair with wood or stone floors will ensure absolute safety for you and your family members.

Yaheetech Plastic Side Dining Chairs - in kitchen

In addition, the chair’s 19.29 x 20.47 x 32.09-inch dimensions also give you various benefits. Specifically, you can place them in your living room or garden.

However, you should not use it in too narrow spaces because they will significantly affect your daily activities.

The Yaheetech dining chairs come in two main colors: white and gray. With these two gentle tones, you can even use them to decorate your living room or space in a modern style.

  • Solid, durable build quality
  • Impressive texture
  • Dimensions compatible with large spaces
  • Modern colors
  • Anti-slip chair legs
  • Easy to get dust

5. DHP Mid Century Modern Chairs DAW

DHP Mid Century Modern Chairs DAW

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to Eames DAW dining chairs, DHP Mid Century chairs are excellent. The DHP chair is affordable for the features it has. For just 7x bucks, you have the opportunity to buy yourself a chair with a fantastic design and build quality.

The first impression must be its design, the DAW style with wooden legs combined with a unique sitting system made of high-quality plastic.

In addition, the base of the chair is reinforced with impressive steel rails to make it more solid and exceptionally able to load a relatively large amount of weight.

DHP Mid Century Modern Chairs DAW in kitchen

Besides, the modern design of the sitting system also makes it able to adapt to all different spaces. At the same time, it also brings your dining room elegance and luxury. For the price you pay, such a dining chair is too perfect.

Not only that, but this Eames plastic chair replica is also extremely light and flexible, with a weight of only 12.3 pounds. And of course, you can also wholly move it to any space you want. Even taking it for a trip is a good idea if that’s what you want.

  • Budget-friendly level
  • Impressive texture
  • Compact size, flexible
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rich colors
  • The protection is still weak

6. 2xhome Molded Plastic Chairs DAR

2xhome Molded Plastic Dining Chairs DAR

Far from the 2xhome DSW chair, this 2xhome DAR chair has an entirely new situation and is a model with impressive bearing capacity; to obtain this characteristic depends mainly on the design.

This Eames molded plastic chair replica has an impressive design with a large seat made of profound and a solid and durable chrome-plated base system. They play an essential role in decorating the room and increasing the bearing capacity of the chair.

In addition, the DAR design also completely protects your safety, limiting unexpected incidents that may occur in use.

Moreover, the base system is reinforced with anti-slip buttons to help you feel more secure and avoid scratches on the floor. Thanks to that, you can use this chair on any floor you want without fear of damage.

2xhome Molded Plastic Dining Chairs DAR

Although the design is quite simple, this armchair is still easy to attract guests’ attention as well as decorate your dining room.

Besides, most of the color versions that come with this dining chair are quite a pastel, so you can flexibly choose them for all your favorite scenes.

  • Great bearing capacity
  • Unique design
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Effective anti-slip, anti-slip
  • Easy to use
  • The price is too high

7. Rivet Alva Modern Plastic Dining Chairs DAX

Rivet Alva Modern Plastic Dining Chair DAX

The most significant difference in the Rivet Alva chair compared to the others in this list is its color. Other brands build a palette of colors ranging from light to bold, but not with the Alva.

The Rivet Alva offers you only a refined and attractive pink version. Using this dining chair with a white table or dark table is an excellent combination for your kitchen.

Combined with modern and youthful pink, it is an impressive design. This DAX-style chair has a deep seat system made of high-quality plastic and comes with four solid wooden legs. With this design, you can enjoy comfort during use.

You can also easily clean the chair extremely easily with just a wet cloth.

On the other hand, the chair also has an impressive dimension of 19.9 x 23.23 x 30.71 inches allowing you to conveniently arrange it in many different spaces, such as a bedroom, living room, dining room, or garden.

Rivet Alva Modern Plastic Dining Chair DAX in kitchen

Another advantage that you will love buying this chair is the warranty period. You can exchange it for free within 30 days if there is any problem and the warranty period is up to one year for you.

  • Soft, impressive colors
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Right size
  • Use for many spaces
  • Attractive warranty
  • Relatively heavyweight

8. Giantex Mesh Design Eiffel chairs DKW

Giantex Mesh Design Dining Chairs DKW

It is not easy to find a replica of the Eames DKW Chair; however, you can consider the Giantex Mesh Design Eiffel chair a good alternative. Thanks to the high-quality PP material combined with a solid oak leg system, it is the most durable structural chair on the list.

This combination of rhythm and harmony will bring you a chair that is more prestigious and reliable than ever. In particular, with this sturdy construction, the chair can provide you with a maximum load of up to 331 lbs.

Moreover, the DKW design allows you to have exciting and memorable experiences. A more notable feature is that the seat’s material is high-quality alloy steel mesh to help dissipate heat and breathe.

The impressively ergonomic curved backrest also gives you more comfort than you can imagine.

Giantex Mesh Design Dining Chairs DKW in kitchen

The next highlight in the Giantex Mesh chair is its weight. In particular, this 7 pounds chair allows you to move them to many favorite locations quickly. At the same time, it also minimizes unwanted injuries for you.

This chair has three colors to choose from: black, green, and white. You can easily combine them with white, black, or wooden dining tables to create a luxurious and modern space.

  • Rugged texture
  • Impressive colors
  • Light product weight
  • Easy to use
  • Breathable material
  • Anti-slip ability

9. CosmoLiving Astrid Wire Metal Chairs DKX

CosmoLiving Astrid Wire Metal Dining Chairs DKX

Compared to the above chairs, the CosmoLiving Astrid has an impressive and outstanding appearance. With this appearance, it helps to give users double comfort, ease, and certainty. Although, it really doesn’t look like Eames’ DKX version.

The chair has a simple, unique design with the body and the pillar going together, and it seems that they are one block. The DKX design is not only modern but also unique to decorate the dining room or any living space.

In addition, with this design, you can arrange an extra cushion at the seat in the winter and can be an alternative if that is what you desire.

Moreover, with the size of 18.5 x 21.5 x 31 inches, the CosmoLiving Astrid also gives you a variety of space choices. However, this chair model is only practical for airy and relatively wide spaces. Too small space is not suitable for this version because it can make that space stuffy.

CosmoLiving Astrid Wire Metal Dining Chairs DKX in kitchen

The usage time of the chair is also highly perfect. You can extend its life up to ten years if you know how to preserve the chair.

  • Comfortable and pleasant
  • Impressive appearance
  • Right size
  • Long use time
  • Reasonable cost
  • Requires the use of pads

10. Modway Fathom Molded Plywood Chairs DCW

Modway Fathom Molded Plywood Chairs DCW

Modway Fathom is unique and impressive in its style, a solid but small and elegant style. And you can use the chair to decorate any space you want. It will decorate your home more solemnly and elegantly.

Besides, Modway Fathom also has a solid structure with the pillar legs, the seat, and the recliner are closely linked together.

In particular, the beautiful and durable pressed wood also contributes a lot to the ideal structure of the chair. It comes with the DCW design, bringing comfort and ease to the user.

Modway Fathom Molded Plywood Chairs DCW in living room

With a small size of 25 x 22.5 x 27 inches, they can be adapted to many different types of spaces. You can even move them forward to the positions you choose.

The chair is made from quality molded plywood, so its color is the same as the wood. This simple and subtle color tone makes your space more beautiful and helps limit dirt from the environment. You better combine it with a glass dining table or a dark wood dining table.

  • Impressive style
  • Solid texture
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Appease
  • Warranty period

What to Look for in a Replica Eames Dining Chair

On the market, there are thousands of dining chairs from different brands with different qualities and prices. To choose a suitable chair compatible with your needs, budget, and especially with a similar design to the Eames chair, you should pay attention to the following factors.

Only then will you be more flexible in your judgment and bring many long-term benefits to your living space or dining room.

1. Design

For an Eames dining chair, design is essential because it directly affects the need for use and the compatibility with the living space. Currently, Eames offers to the market about 12 copies with different designs. Each version carries a distinct style.

However, the most common are DSW, DSR, DSX.

  • DSW (Dining (D) height, Side (S) chair, on Wood (W) base): This design is meant to be a seat combined with a solid wooden base, and it is a popular modern chair style.
  • DSX (Dining (D) height, Side (S) chair on X base (X): This design is a harmonious combination of a sturdy seat with four sturdy steel legs.
  • DSR (Dining (D) height, Side (S) chair, on Rod (R) base): is a design that offers many features due to its unique material structure and dense base system.
Abbreviation Eames Model Full Name
DSR Dining (D) height, Side (S) chair, on Rod (R) base
DSW Dining (D) height, Side (S) chair, on Wood (W) base
DSX Dining (D) height, Side (S) chair on X base (X)
DSS Dining (D) height, Side (S) chair, on Stacking (S) base
DAR Dining (D) height, Arm (A) chair, on Rod (R) base
DAW Dining (D) height, Arm (A) chair, on Wood (W) base
DAX Dining (D) height, Arm (A) chair, on X base (X)
DKR Dining (D) height, K-Wire (K) chair, on Rod (R) base
DKW Dining (D) height, K-Wire (K) chair on Wood (W) base
DKX Dining (D) height, K-Wire (K) chair on X base (X)
DCW Dining (D), height, side Chair (C) on Wood (W) base
DCM Dining (D) height, side Chair (C) on Metal (M) Rod base


The color of the Eames dining chair is rich, including different tones, allowing you to choose freely. You need to precisely evaluate the compatibility between the color of the chair and the space of the arrangement. Only in this way will you feel comfortable and at ease.

With a classic, peaceful space, it is best to use pure white. It will make your space more beautiful. Particularly for modern and unique rooms, you can use the combination of white and other colors to increase the uniqueness of your life.

Choosing the right chair color is more urgent than ever because it profoundly affects your soul and spirit.

Build Quality

Besides the design and color of the chair, you need to pay special attention to the build quality. Each dining chair needs to reach a certain level of sustainability and safety so that it can bring you a meaningful and valuable experience.

The feature you need to evaluate in this category is the legs. Please test them thoroughly before making any judgments. More muscular legs will make the chair more durable, and you will also feel secure when using.


Choosing the suitable chair model with the right size depends mainly on the space you are living in. With large rooms, you can freely choose any size you like. On the contrary, if the area is small and tight, you must consider it carefully before buying them.

However, the smaller the size, the more convenience, and flexibility it will bring you in this category. You will be able to move it more easily, even sitting feels much better.

Product Weight

Product weight is a factor that has a relatively significant influence on each of your experiences. Above all, you should choose for yourself a chair with a lightweight, so it will be easier to move.

Do not use chairs that are too big or too heavy because they will make it difficult to use them. It will even cause unwanted injuries to you when you accidentally spill them.


You should own dining chairs from reputable brands and have an applicable warranty. A specific warranty allows you to be more assured about the chair and helps save the most unexpected costs.

Are Replica Eames Dining Chairs Legal?

Yes, they are entirely legal. Despite calling them replicas or knockoffs, they look a bit like the design and are still licensed for sale on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Wayfair, etc. However, if you are still skeptical, you should ask the seller for the license or ask an attorney, as each specific school will be different.


Eames dining chairs are obviously great chairs from design, color to finish. However, its price is not accessible to everyone.  Knowing that, once we fall in love, it is challenging to resist our desire.

We hope you can find the best Eames dining chair replica for your needs and budget with the above list. Perhaps at the very least, it can provide you with models or brands on the market where you can find your best. Most importantly, it is compatible and suitable for your needs and room.

Thank you for following this post!

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