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28 Best Couch Alternatives to Keep You Living Room in Style

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Like most people, your living room is the central room in your home where you entertain guests and spend quality time with family or friends.  With that in mind, it’s important to make this room as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, the living room is also filled with the most uncomfortable furniture. Couches and chairs are often hard, stiff, and short in style. Uncomfortable seating can seriously hamper your entertainment. In addition, if your living room is small, a large sofa will not be a wise choice.

You don’t have to suffer through this discomfort.  There are still alternatives to couches or your living room that will provide you with enjoyable seating long after the guests have gone home. Couches are the usual go-to piece of furniture for a living room, but many other pieces can help you create a stylish and functional living room.

Best Alternatives to Couches

Sofa beds, ottomans with slipcovers, upholstered chairs, and steel tube benches are just a few of the couch alternatives that you should consider if you’re looking to add style and functionality to your living room. In addition, here are some terrific ideas for creating a pleasant atmosphere if you want to spruce up your living room without a couch.

1. Bean Bags

bean bags

If you’re looking for cheap living room seating ideas that can be used anywhere in your house, consider purchasing a large bean bag chair. Bean bags are comfortable and come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your space.

If you have children, consider getting them their small bean bag to lounge comfortably while watching television or playing video games.

2. Armchairs


If you have a rustic, country-style living room with exposed beams and wide floorboards, consider adding armchairs to your seating arrangement. Armchairs are not as confining as couches and don’t require too much space. In addition, you can purchase them at a reasonable price at your local Walmart or discount store. Just arrange a circle of armchairs, and you can chat comfortably with guests in your small space.

3. Loveseat


Another alternative to a couch is a loveseat. Loveseats are wide enough to fit in most living rooms, and their prices are a bit cheaper than couches. The loveseats come with two seats so you can curl up with your favorite book or sit close to someone special.

4. Swinging Chair

Swinging Chair

Consider adding a swinging chair if you want to add some charm and whimsy to your living room. Swinging chairs are just as comfortable as they sound and can be hung from the ceiling with chains so that it swings back and forth.

5. Chaise Lounge

chaise lounge

If you’d like to have a comfortable spot for reading or just relaxing, consider investing in an extra-large chaise lounge chair. Chaise lounges are designed so that the back reclines with your weight so that you can fully stretch out without being uncomfortable.

6. Floor Poufs

Floor Poufs

If you’d like to create a bit of extra seating or want something that serves as decoration, consider purchasing floor poufs. Not only are they comfortable and easy to move, but they also come in fun colors and designs so that you can find one that fits your style.

7. Futon

futon sofa

If you want a smart couch alternative for small spaces, consider purchasing a futon. Futons are comfortable and usually come with either a chair or an ottoman combination. Moreover, you can find futons in leather and fabrics that match your decorating style. You can also quickly turn it into a temporary sleeping spot for overnight guests.

8. Daybed Cushion

daybed cushion

If you’d like to create additional seating in your living room but don’t want a larger piece of furniture, consider purchasing a daybed cushion. Since you will clean it often, it should be in velvet materials that easily go with your decorating style. This cushion is also comfortable and easy to move around the room.

9. Farmhouse Style Wood Bench

Farmhouse Style Wood Bench

This bench is perfect for living rooms with a rustic style. It has a lot of charm and often comes with two seats or more. You can use it as a cheap sofa alternative and as a shoe rack at the entrance.

10. Oversized Ottoman

large ottoman

This oversized ottoman is perfect for adding extra seating to your living room. This ottoman can be used as a seat, as additional storage, or as a coffee table. It’s also extra comfortable and easy to move.

11. Full-Size Daybed

full size daybed

If you want to keep your small living room feeling open, consider adding a full-size daybed. These daybeds are easy to decorate like a couch and perfect for creating a seating arrangement that allows you to stretch out and comfortably take a nap. In addition, they have storage space for books and blankets as well as pillows.

12. Floor Pillows

floor pillows

If you don’t have any extra seating in your living room, consider floor pillows. These decorative pillows will be a fun couch alternative when you need extra space for your small room. They are much cheaper than couches, suitable for Boho-style rooms. You can easily store them as well as change their style.

13. Oversized Reclining Chair

extra wide recliner

If you are looking for an extra comfortable seating option, get an oversized reclining chair. These extra-wide recliners are designed so that you can fully stretch out without being uncomfortable. Not only are they comfortable, but they also come in fun colors and materials so that you can create the perfect seating for your living room.

14. Low-Backed Bench

Low-Backed Bench

The low-backed bench is suitable for living rooms with modern style. This bench is similar to the farmhouse style one above in terms of functionality, just different in design. You can use it as additional seating, a dining room chair, or a chair to sit on when changing shoes at the entrance.

15. Stacking Chairs

Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs are usually designed with storage space underneath to store them when not in use quickly. They are also extra comfortable and usually come with pillows so that you can easily sit back and chat with your friends. If your desire is a living room with chairs instead of a sofa, this is a solution worth considering.

16. Cushion Sofa Bed

Cushion Sofa Bed

Similar to bean bags, the cushion sofa bed is a great couch alternative for modern living rooms and young people. This seating option comes as a set with two pieces of furniture, including a sofa and a bed. In addition, it comes with ties that attach the cushions to the sofa, so it doesn’t collapse when you sit on it, making it extra comfortable even when you’re not sleeping.

17. Leather Lounge Chairs

Leather Lounge Chair

A couple of leather lounge chairs are unconventional sofa alternatives. These lounge chairs are equipped with a lot of support and usually come with two items, a chair, and a footrest. They’re are comfortable enough to spend an entire day sitting in and a worth-trying idea for living rooms without a sofa.

18. Stand Alone Ottomans

multiple ottomans

Ottomans have been transformed from traditional footstools to hip seating options that you can use in any homeroom, including living rooms and bedrooms. Ottomans are a decent temporary option if you want a comfortable seat nearby for putting on shoes or just relaxing.

19. Industrial Chic Upholstered Bench

Industrial Chic Upholstered Bench

Industrial chic has been a popular design trend for the past several years, and it’s so easy to incorporate this look into your living room. This bench is just one way that you can add industrial-chic style to your living room. Not only does this bench have a metal frame, but it also has a plush, comfortable cushion so that you can sit down and relax.

20. Cozy Lounge Chair

cozy lounge chair

You should keep this option in mind if you need cheap couch alternatives. Cozy lounge chairs usually have a plush cushion and an oversized frame to easily curl up when you need to relax. They are cheaper than sofas and better suited for small spaces like a studio apartment.

21. Settee Chair

Settee Chair

This seating option is suitable for adding to the corner of your living room. It is extra comfortable and wide enough for curling up with a book or even taking a quick nap. Not only does it have extra seating, but it also comes with a cushioned high back for tall people.

22. Low-Back Armless Chairs

armless chairs

Armless chairs with a low back are perfect for no couch living rooms. They don’t require a lot of space to organize, and they don’t have a cramped armrest. You can place them side by side to create a seamless seat that looks like a sofa.

23. Modern Folding Chairs

modern folding chairs

Folding chairs also have the same advantage as stacking chairs above. You can easily fold them and store them anywhere. You can use them in place of a sofa in your living room or take them on a trip with your RV. Also, they have a variety of designs to choose from, modern to casual.

24. Slipcovered Ottoman

Slipcovered Ottoman

If your living room has a cottage or country decor, consider purchasing an upholstered ottoman with slipcovers. This ottoman comes with removable slipcovers so you can easily remove and wash them. This comfy seating option also has ties, so the cushions stay in place when you sit on them. It’s perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing.

25. Flying Saucer Chair

Flying Saucer Chair

This comfy flying saucer chair has an extra-plush cushion so that you can sit back and relax after a long day at work or school. It also comes with sturdy arms that help the user sit up easily and stay comfortable for as long as possible. This creative seating option is ideal for large spaces; however, it can certainly fit into small spaces with the right size selection.

26. Sofa Bed

sofa bed

A sofa bed is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be an excellent substitute for regular couches. They often come with a solid frame and a soft mattress to quickly transform from a sofa into a bed and vice versa. Some of them even have expandable compartments. This type of sofa is very suitable for houses or apartments with small spaces. Also, it’s an ideal temporary sleeping solution if you have family members or friends who come over for short visits and need somewhere to rest their heads.

27. Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable Chairs

If you want extra seating that can be easily stored, consider purchasing an inflatable chair. This chair is comfortable and comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy store away when it’s not in use. In addition, it’s much cheaper than couches. The inflatable chair is also very suitable for hot summer days. You can also use it at the pool or take it camping.

28. Oversized Chairs

Oversized Chair

Like the extra-wide recliners, loveseats, and benches above, an oversized chair is a great alternative to bulky and expensive sofas. You can easily buy an oversized chair with a soft cushion and a size just wide enough to fit your room. It can serve 2 – 3 people as needed.


The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. Your living space should be a place where you can relax and kick back, so don’t be afraid to turn your sofa into a daybed or transform your dining area into a bedroom with a pull-out sleeper sofa.  The important thing is your comfort, so make sure you’re well-equipped with comfy seating arrangements.

How many times have you thought that it’s about time to redecorate or revamp the look of your living room? If the seating options don’t have the look that you want, check out the alternative living room seating ideas above to transform your space into a cozy retreat. Happy decorating!

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