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What Color Coffee Table with a Blue Couch?

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Visually, blue looks gorgeous, beautiful, and appealing. Thus, a blue sofa is a top-notch option if you desire a charming centerpiece in your living room, which can elevate your room to be fancier and more stylish.

Yet, this couch color is one of the toughest guys regarding decorating and styling since it’s challenging to find a matching color with vibrant color.

What color of coffee tables goes well with a blue couch? You can consider going for one of the following colors:

  • White
  • White and wood
  • Dark wood
  • Black
  • Dark Gray
  • Glass Table
  • Orange
  • Gold and blue
  • Gold and white
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Dark brown
  • Modern Mid-Century Style Table

Best Coffee Table for Blue Couches

A quality coffee table is pretty costly, so please be thoughtful with your decision. Once you pick the wrong color that doesn’t fit your blue couch, it might hurt your investment.


white coffee table with blue couch
Blue and white is always a wise combination

A blue sofa already has an elegant look, yet a white table is a perfect option if you wish to add extra elegance to your living space.

To create the best result, you can buy a coffee table having a smooth white finish. A contemporary modern-style white table with a pro-quality MDF finish is a great example.

This type of coffee table features plentiful reflective effects, creating a shiny, glossy look. Some models also offer the integrated LED lighting feature to illuminate the seating area with a stunning appeal.

White and Wood

Light blue sofa and white and wood table
Light blue sofa looks good with wooden leg white table

White, blue, and wood – these three elements can blend well together and create a fascinating and unique look in your living room.

You already have a “blue.” Now is the time to add “wood” and “white.”

While you can employ a white coffee table recommended above with other wooden items, it will be even greater if you use a furniture piece that combines both elements.

A gorgeous light oak vs. white coffee table is a nice way to go. The combination of fresh, natural oakwood and simple and crisp white is just so beautiful.

Some models don’t offer generous storage space since they don’t include an added lower shelf like other regular coffee tables.

However, they are still a brilliant choice, particularly if you wish to refresh and elevate the entire room. Such sophisticated and stylish coffee tables can perfectly accommodate the job.

Wood Tone

wood coffee table with blue couch
Dark blue couch goes well with dark wood table

If you insist on wood but want to create a deeper and more drastic color scheme, go for a dark wood coffee table. A deeper shade of wood will highlight your navy couch as the focal point of the interior space.

Darker wood can bring warmth and a sense of nature to your room, while neutral or white accent pieces and walls lighten the space and offer a crisp, clean contrast.


black coffee table with blue couch
Black coffee table and pastel navy blue sofa

Another neutral tone that can tie in well with your blue sofa is black. The black + blue combo generates an elegant and bold space, particularly if your couch is dark-toned blue.

A fantastic pick you should take note of is an X-design black coffee table. Its design is somewhat simple, yet the oxford-style legs make the table appear stylish and artistic.

Besides the bold vibe, this table model also offers added structural strength with a durable and stable frame, having no trouble holding heavy items.

Also, an X-design table suits any interior theme or style, from traditional to modern.

Dark Gray

Dark Gray coffee table with blue couch
Charcoal table and deep blue couch

Charcoal of dark gray is a softer, lighter alternative to classic black. Dark gray delivers a striking accent while emphasizing the brightly-colored navy couch.

You have a perfect plan for natural wood floors and ceilings combined with a charcoal coffee table and blue sofa. This combination is bold yet delivers a traditional touch and extra coziness.

Glass Top Table

Glass Top Table with blue couch
Dark blue couches work well with glass top table

If you’re into an airy and open space in your living room, a glass coffee table hits the spot. Those having a small-sized room will find this option extremely beneficial.

A sleek coffee table with a glass top lends an elegant, modern look and blends beautifully with any blue couch.

The suggested idea is to opt for a chrome and glass table to place alongside your vibrant chair. Modern, sleek appearance and simplicity – this beautiful combo fits perfectly into contemporary interior decor.

Most glass-top coffee tables are pretty cost-effective, so they should be the top consideration for those with a tight budget.


orange coffee table with blue couch
Orange coffee table and blue sofa is a pretty unique combination

Surprisingly, orange and blue sit opposite each other on the color wheel. But why is an orange coffee table on the recommended list to combine with a navy couch?

Though orange is vibrant, it’s a warm color. Meanwhile, blue is on the cool tone side. An orange surfboard table will nicely complement your blue sofa.

Apart from that, it also adds a beachy, sunny ambiance to your space.

Gold and Blue

blue coffee table with blue couch
Blue table (with gold decor items) and blue couch

Most decorators tend to keep from combining a blue sofa with a navy coffee table as this mix seems tedious. However, it can work pretty well if you use one more element to break that boredom.

A blue and gold coffee table with a faux leather top remarkably applies to this case. It doesn’t look like any other navy chair finish. The gold brass accent features a glamorous, dazing touch, making both the table and chair stand out together.

Some notable models on the market also come with two drawers, allowing you to store any daily items and maintain a neat, clean, and well-arranged living space.

Gold and White

rose gold leg coffee table with blue couch
White table with rose gold legs and velvet blue couch

Are you keen on something royal, glamorous, and luxurious? There’s no more excellent option than a gold and white marble coffee table.

A glossy and shiny white marble thing looks stunning with a blue sofa, while a gold element brings a sense of luxuriousness.

A noteworthy suggestion is to rock with a gold and white marble rectangular table. A rectangular-shaped table has a basic design, but a beautiful good-quality finish for the gold base and marble top can create an eye-catching appeal.


red glass coffee table with blue couch
Wine red glass table with plain blue sofa

Red is attention-seeking but a nice complementary shade to blue. This cool and warm color scheme is classic, beautiful, and fun!

Contrasts are always not a safe selection. Indeed, if you want to play it safe, you wouldn’t have bought a navy couch, which you know for sure is difficult to style around.

Provided that you keep your focused theme and ensure other accessories are all involved, everything will work.


pink coffee table with blue couch
Pink table can go with light blue sofa

Pink is not a popular choice concerning coffee table colors. However, this funky and fun color teams remarkably well with blue.

Since pink is one of the hues of red, it’s also a complimentary tone to blue. While red and blue bring an interesting contrast, the pink and blue pairing offers a softer yet more elegant feel.

Dark Brown

dark brown coffee table with blue couch
Espresso coffee table with dark blue sofa

Mixing blue with dark brown is a brilliant way to generate a bold but comfortable and relaxing space. The warm brown will tone up and balance the cool blue, creating a pleasingly harmonious ambiance.

That’s why a deep brown coffee table is a perfect pairing for your blue couch.

Nevertheless, remember to avoid employing a full deep brown wood table since it may give a rustic and plain feel, which doesn’t apply to a blue tone.

It will be better to use a table with some other elements besides dark brown, such as a modern white and oak coffee table.

The unique color scheme and sleek design will turn this piece of furniture into an adorable addition to the living room. Also, you can consider buying a model with generous storage, so you’ll have both charming and practical decor items.

Modern Mid-Century Coffee Table

Modern Mid-Century Style Coffee Table
Modern mid-century tulip table and blue sofa

There are a couple of decor styles where a blue couch seems to act better, and the unique modern mid-century theme is among the most widely preferred.

This style offers a touch of elegance with a natural feel. Hence, you can freely rock with your wood and metal accessories.

A rectangle glass coffee table with an oak shelf and brass legs is a top recommendation if you’re planning to try this approach.

A crystal clear top helps display any decorative object or everyday item, while the oak shelf helps organize large items, like magazines or books.


The living room is where you go in and out most frequently, and your guests will have their first impression when visiting your home. Thus, the interior decor should speak of your unique style, taste, and personality.

Selecting items and elements around a blue couch is not that challenging, provided that you throw in the right color scheme. A few essential items that you should choose the right colors for when combining with your couch are: pillows, rugs, accent chairs.

After reading this post, you should have figured out the best coffee table for your blue couch now. So, have fun with your decoration!

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