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When is The Best Time to Buy Recliners?

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If you are looking to buy a comfortable recliner for sleeping, for watching TV, or for gifting to the elderly, you must have wondered “When is the best time of the year to buy a recliner?” or “Who has the best recliners on sale?“. Those are also common questions for anyone looking to invest in an expensive item like a recliner.

You will find that good deals and discounts are two of many factors that help you buy both cheap and quality. And the best times to buy a cheap but good recliner:

  • January and July
  • Late summer and late winter
  • Weekends and special holidays

At those times, you can not only get your favorite recliners at the best prices but also have a lot of choices with many beautiful designs.

Let’s start exploring!

The Best Time to Buy Recliners

As mentioned above, the discount will play an important role in governing our shopping. There will be times of the year when the deals are very high for many reasons. And these are exactly the golden timelines for our reference.

The Most Suitable Months – January and July

The ideal two shopping months are January and July because they have impressive reasons.

1. Trigger Shopping Trends

Firstly, January and especially July will witness the downward slope of shopping that people often call “summer cooling”.

Since most people have spent their money shopping during their summer, in early autumn, stores will launch many promotions with special offers to create attraction and stimulation like shopping demand of everyone. Only then can they sell all the recliners in their inventory.

recliners on sale

2. Season of Discounts and Promotions

Next, early August will be the time to launch new designs. Therefore, July is the golden time to sell goods.

In other words, at the end of July, manufacturers, and sellers will also create a lot of discounts or promotions to stimulate buying demand for people to sell out of old recliner models.

Thus, your shopping for a recliner in July will be easier than ever because you have the freedom to shop at an affordable price but also have a lot of models for you to choose from.

3. Pleasant Weather for Going Out to Shop

Another reason is that the weather in January and July will be very pleasant and comfortable.

This weather will help you need to go out to shop more instead of a hot summer or a cold winter that makes you lazy to go out.

The Suitable Seasons – Late Summer and Late Winter

As mentioned above, there are two seasons of the year that you need to pay attention to shop effectively. Accordingly, the end of summer and winter are two golden times for you to choose and buy yourself good recliners.

The reason for this, you need to know is that spring and autumn is the time when new interior designs will be released. Therefore, late spring and winter will be the time when old recliners will have special discounts. Isn’t this a good opportunity for us to buy these recliners at affordable prices with quality?

Weekend Or Special Holidays

But if you can’t wait until summer or winter to buy a new recliner, you can watch for special occasions or weekends. As follows:

  • Weekends: Understanding the shopping needs of many people, furniture manufacturers and retailers often offer a lot of promotions on weekends.
  • Special holidays: Some holidays will be a good opportunity for us to race to buy recliners such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Fourth of July, or President’s Day, etc. Because of that, these are the days when every item is on promotion to stimulate shopping demand for consumers.
lazyboy recliner fathers day sale ad
Lazyboy Recliner Father’s Day Sale Ad

The Worst Time to Buy a Recliner

If there are times when you are ideal for shopping, there are also times when you should avoid shopping. And that time is around February and August.

This time, most of the promotions have ended, replaced by new models of alternative interior designs with sky-high prices but not many designs.

Besides, early spring and winter are two not ideal times for you to shop. At this time, the weather is not suitable for us to go out and the promotions have cooled down. You should be patient and wait for a better opportunity to save your budget and buy more impressive recliners.

Tips to Find The Best Recliner Deals for Free

There are many free ways to find the best prices for recliners, and below are some of them.

1. Know When To Shop Online Or In-store

This is the method used by many people and is very effective. You should patiently research information online and look out for major holidays with great promotions to make your decision.

The decision here is whether you go to the store to choose for yourself, or you will order online. If you can go directly to the store to find yourself the recliner and negotiate the price, that’s great. But if the recliner chair you care about can be on sale for a long time, you can simply order it online.

Either way is fine, as long as you choose a reclining chair you like.

buying power lift chair for sleeping

2. Add To Cart, Then Exit

This method requires you to pre-order your favorite recliner and constantly monitor price changes and promotions. This is a way many people use to remind themselves not to forget their favorite items are still on sale.

According to the sales process, the shop will constantly remind and send you messages for you to constantly update information about the recliners you care about, along with many impressive discount promotions that you will not want to miss.

3. Sign Up for Notifications and Mailing News by Email

Similar to the method above, you need to search for your favorite recliner first and sign up for an email with their brand.

A great way you can negotiate with your store to find the best price for you. Because you will constantly monitor their sales and determine what promotion period your item is in to decide whether to buy or not?


It is possible to find a recliner chair at a bargain price and of the desired quality. However, for the shopping to happen quickly and efficiently, good advice is patient and look for the best time to buy them.

You should also boldly invest in your shopping properly by constantly planning and searching for information. A skilled shopper is not only someone with a smart head but also someone who gets a good opportunity on time.

We hope you will find a satisfactory product right from the first choice.

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