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8 Best Recliners with Heat and Massage for Maximum Comfort

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One of the methods to help you relax and reduce pain effectively is to own a modern recliner chair. It is flexible and can accommodate all your activities.

Besides, it is also equipped with effective massage capabilities and heating pads to give users the perfect experience.

On the market today, there are many types of recliners of different brands, each with its characteristics and strengths. So, which kind of heated massage recliner is suitable?

In the article below, we will show you the 8 best recliners with heat and massage and how to evaluate their quality.

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Top Heated Massage Recliner Quick Comparison

ImageNameWeight CapacityDimensions (inches)Latest Price
Mcombo Electric Lift Recliner320 lbs31 x 35 x 41
Irene House 9188 Recliner350 lbs33 x 29 x 42
Esright Electric Recliner330 lbs28 x 34 x 40
YITAHOME Power Recliner300 lbs28 x 33 x 40
YODOLLA Larger Lift Chair360 lbs31 x 35 x 41
CANMOV Rocker Recliner300 lbs37 x 36 x 41
Comhoma Swivel Recliner300 lbs37 x 36 x 41
Svago ZGR Plus SV-395300 lbs44 x 31 x 48

Reviews of The Best Recliners with Heat and Massage

Below are the best heated massage recliner chairs that you can buy at a good price. They are all carefully selected products and have received a lot of praise from customers who have been using them.

1. Mombo Massage Power Recliner – Best for Elderly

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Mombo is the most suitable recliner for home use, especially the elderly, topping the list of the best power recliners with heat and massage. It is made of high-quality imitation leather, making the cleaning process much more convenient.

At the same time, with that material, users can more easily access them and do not worry about causing problems for their skin. Friendly materials, elegant and light design are great highlights that impress users with the Mombo recliner.

The seat size is 31 x 35 x 41, which is quite an impressive number showing the favor from the manufacturer to the customer. Such a measure is okay and suitable for most objects, so from the elderly to children can use this recliner conveniently.

Moreover, the recliner also has extremely professional heating and massage mode with eight massage modes around the seat and a heating point at the waist.

Thus, when placing yourself in the Mombo power recliner, you will be fully relaxed, and you can completely adjust the level of vibration or heating depending on your preferences.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner - details

In particular, the heating and massage features of Mombo can also be at different times, not necessarily at the same time. That way, you can operate and use them more easily.

The sturdy construction and perfect tilt of the recliner give you a natural and comfortable feeling. The chair can be tilted to any angle you like, helping you have precious moments of relaxation.

Besides, the weight of the recliner is also something that many customers are interested in. Mombo has a weight limit of up to 320lbs, allowing you to relax with meaningful movements.

  • Raise the recliner easily
  • Various massage modes
  • Includes cup holder and USB connection
  • Independent heating feature with massage
  • Weight limit is 320lbs
  • Shipping is not guaranteed

Bottom lines

The Mombo is an excellent option if you are looking for a power recliner that comes with heat and massage and can provide you with all the appearance, features, and durability requirements. It is absolutely worth your money.

2. Irene House 9188 Power Lift Massage Recliner – Best for Tall Men

Irene House Electric Power Lift Recliner

The Irene 9188 is the best power lift recliner with heat and massage for men over 6 ft at its price range. Besides, the recliner can hold up to 350lbs, which is an impressive number that few brands can compete with.

Thus, Irene’s subjects will have more coverage. Even people with extra weight can easily use this recliner model.

In addition to the strength of the weight capacity, it also received many compliments about its upholstery material.

The material used to make the chair is a regular breathing leather that is not very special, but it gives the user perfect surface contact, is breathable and does not cause gas. On the other hand, you can completely clean the chair easily if that’s what you want.

Compared to the Mombo, this heated massage recliner has a more compact size and looks much lighter. This feature makes it easy to transport the chair and is suitable for not very airy spaces.

Irene House Electric Power Lift Recliner - Details

When you own Irene, you will have the opportunity to experience various advanced and modern technologies. Far from traditional recliners, the Irene has electricity and dual motors, which are extremely quiet, quiet, and independent.

The backrest and footrest can be adjusted separately. You can get any position you want quickly; raise this recliner with the 4-button manual control.

The entire recliner is up to help the elderly stand up fast, ideal for people with leg and back problems or those after surgery.

More notable in the Irene recliner is a perfect massage and heating mode. The seat has four vibration points in the back and excellent lumbar heating.

You will certainly feel satisfied with these two features because they will help you relieve pain and give you refreshment and a good working spirit.

Along with that is the ability to control the remote control quickly, just one button press and enjoy. The reclining chair can be rotated in any direction you desire, all in the hope of helping you relieve all the pressure and fatigue in life.

  • Heavy duty for big and tall men
  • Lie flat to sleep
  • Great back massage
  • Perfect heating mode
  • Easy to use
  • Inability to massage feet
  • The armrest part is not suitable

Bottom lines

The Irene 9188 is one of the best heated recliner chairs with massage function that you should consider choosing. It is suitable for many different users and can work well with all weights.

3. Esright Electric Recliner Chair – Best for Non-toxic Material

Esright Electric Recliner

It would be remiss if this list of heated massage recliners did not include the Esright Electric Recliner. It is a perfect chair and has the ideal price for the user. You will not easily find its features and design on other recliners in the same price range.

Compared to many traditional models, the Esright massage recliner chair stands out much more.

First of all, they are made from synthetic materials and inflated, so they look very professional and modern. The soft material surface gives you a comfortable and pleasant feeling, contributing to valuable hours of relaxation.

More specifically, such a material structure also helps to resist fraying and is long-lasting for the user. In addition, the manufacturer also claims that all wood boards that make up the chair are formaldehyde-free.

Moreover, its massage mode will leave you in awe. The recliner provides users with four massage zones, including shins, thighs, waist, and head. Combined with that are five ideal massage modes, including pulse, press, song, automatic, and standard.

Thus, when using this power lift chair, you will receive a thorough massage and choose a massage mode depending on your preferences.

Esright Heated Massage Recliner - details

In addition, the tilt of the recliner is also one of the outstanding advantages to help attract customers. The chair can recline 150 degrees, providing the perfect inclination for your relaxing activity.

However, before doing the recline, you also need to consider whether you are suitable or not because it is likely that you will be stunned the first time you lean. This chair can bear a maximum weight of 320 lbs and is suitable for many different people.

Besides, its convenient design and easy control ability also give you quality relaxation moments that are hard to find in other recliners.

  • Right price
  • Various massage features
  • The overall size is light and compact
  • Rich colors
  • Ideal tilt
  • Inability to fully recline
  • The maximum payload is 330lbs

Bottom lines

There is no other recliner more worthy than the Esright massage recliner chair in terms of value and features. Therefore, you should choose it for your relaxation experience to be more refreshing and practical.

4. YITAHOME Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best for Short People

YITAHOME Power Lift Recliner

YITAHOME Power Lift Chair is an ideal recliner, suitable for many different users. In particular, they are ideal for people of small stature, so many reviews say that the YITAHOME recliner is a good heated massage lift chair for short people.

The recliner has a relatively low design, firm and flexible structure to bring convenience to the user. Thus, even if you are short, you can fully experience this recliner model.

Overall, this chair has an eye-catching appearance, combined with Polyurethane material to give users a soft and comfortable feeling.

Moreover, this material will help you clean your chair easily. At the same time, this chair also provides you with effective waterproofing.

In addition, the YITAHOME recliner also surprises users with the ideal and unique massage function and heating system.

YITAHOME Power Lift Recliner - details

This massage lift chair has eight vibration points that cover the back, thighs, and legs combined with a perfect lumbar heating function. Thus, it will contribute to a complete relaxation experience for you.

Besides, the recliner also has a modern remote control capability, which helps you raise and lower it quickly with the push of a button.

Their tilt angle is relatively moderate, which means you can direct each activity to any angle you like. Therefore, it received much positive feedback from users and became the current trend of choosing recliners.

This power recliner with heat and massage is suitable for almost everyone, including young children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

A rather prominent advantage of YITAHOME that you need to pay special attention to is the safety and optimization of practical meaningless actions. By using it, you will be safe most comprehensively.

  • Good for short people
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Modern remote control
  • With USB connection
  • Ideal massage and heating mode
  • The  price is not really convincing
  • Bearing weight is only 300lbs

Bottom line

With the YITAHOME recliner’s ability to adapt to many objects, there is no reason not to choose it. This leather heated massage recliner is an excellent nomination as a perfect health recovery device.

5. YODOLLA Larger Massage Lift Chair – Best for Overall

YODOLLA Larger Lift Chair

You will have to turn your attention to the YODOLLA Larger Chair if you have a chance to experience it in person. The YODOLLA chair is a great recliner for big and tall people with heat and massage functions you can control remotely.

There are eight vibration buttons to massage the back, waist, thighs, and legs, with two vibration intensities and five massage modes.

You can also experience the heating function on the abdomen. The soft fabric electric recliner’s cushions and springs provide a smooth and comfortable sitting experience.

Along with that feature is a finished imitation leather material that enhances the massage effect by the smoothness and comfort.

YODOLLA Larger Lift Chair - details

In addition, this material also makes it easier for you to clean the product, thereby prolonging the life of the product.

The next advantage that you need to pay special attention to this heavy-duty recliner is its operability. The YODOLLA recliner works quietly, leaves no noise, and provides an excellent therapeutic effect.

Using this recliner for diseases related to bones and joints is exceptionally reasonable. In particular, the chair is an effective solution to help with fatigue in the elderly.

Moreover, with a tilt of 150 degrees, it will help you have significant relaxing experiences. You can adjust the tilt depending on your preference.

  • Perfect massage feature
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Ideal tilt mode
  • Easy operation
  • USB connection
  • Don’t lean back too much
  • Service is not guaranteed

Bottom lines

Your experience will be more valuable if you choose the YODOLLA recliner as your companion. Honestly, this recliner lift chair with heat and massage will give you more than you feel about it.

6. CANMOV Massage Rocker Recliner – Best Value

CANMOV Manual Rocker Recliner

Hardly any chair can surpass the CANMOV Recliner; it is a quality and potential recliner with admirable design and materials.

In particular, CANMOV’s upholstery material is a carefully woven fabric. With high-density foam and laminated wood veneer (LVL) system, it is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and home theater rooms.

Softness and comfort are what this material can bring to you. So, using the chair in combination with some other treatments will give you a healthy body and more energy.

This CANMOV rocker recliner offers you complete massage and heating modes with four massage points and five adjustment modes.

Thus, with CANMOV you will get a full body massage with significant effect, and you can completely adjust the modes through the intelligent remote control panel. No operation is too complex with the modern and smart CANMOV.

CANMOV Manual Rocker Recliner - details

In addition, the tilt of the recliner is also a bright spot that attracts attention and uses from customers.

This CANMOV heated massage recliner rocker is practical for most users’ positions; you can easily adjust the recline from 110 to 145 degrees, bringing comfort and comfort to the user. You can use the recliner during the weekends for great entertainment.

Besides, the CANMOV recliner has a spacious armrest design, allowing the user to feel the most relaxed. In particular, it is a solid, modern construction, with maximum protection for your safety during operation.

  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Consistent with many objects
  • Great massage and heating mode
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle activity
  • Maximum payload 300lbs
  • The size is somewhat inconsistent

Bottom lines

All perfection is in this heated massage rocker recliner. Of course, there is no reason you should refuse it. The CANMOV recliner is a quality product, from materials, design to features for your needs.

7. Comhoma Massage Swivel Rocker Recliner – Best Quality for Budget

Comhoma Swivel Rocker Recliner

Preliminary assessment, the Comhoma looks quite similar to a traditional recliner. However, the inside of it hides many exciting features that allow it to bring surprises to users.

The biggest strength of this recliner is the cost. It deserves the best budget rocker recliner that has heat and massage. Its value compared to the upper recliner models is said to be most compatible with the quality.

In particular, when you own the Comhoma recliner, you will have the opportunity to experience a professional massage system with many points stretching from your back to your feet.

Thus, using them helps reduce pain and is an effective way of entertainment after stress and fatigue. Such an ideal chair, there is no reason not to choose them.

Comhoma Swivel Rocker Recliner - details

In addition, you will feel closeness and intimacy with the design of this recliner. This design is simple, idyllic, suitable for many spaces such as the living room, hallway, or anywhere you want to put it.

However, it would be best to choose spacious areas for a complete experience, avoid placing them in little places because it will cause discomfort and not achieve a high relaxation effect.

Besides, the material of the recliner is also something that you should pay attention to. It is made of animal skin, soft and smooth, allowing users to have a deeper and better sleep. Moreover, it will be easier to clean with this material.

Relaxing on the Comhoma recliner will give you different sensations with different reclining, rocking features.

This chair allows the user to rotate 60 degrees and recline 150 degrees, really great parameters for each body activity.

To successfully adjust the tilt and set up the massage mode, you just need to press the button and operate. It is indeed very convenient.

  • Budget suitable for massage and heating mode
  • Simple and light design
  • Easy operation
  • Perfect massage mode
  • Suitable for people with back pain
  • Maximum payload 300lbs
  • Big size

Bottom line

If you are looking for a practical budget swivel rocker recliner with massage and heating features, you can choose the Comhoma. It’s good with what you ask for.

8. Svago ZGR SV-395 Recliner – Best Leather Zero Gravity

Svago ZGR Plus SV-395 Zero Gravity Recliner

Compared to the above models, the Svago ZGR zero gravity recliner has a new, unique, and completely different design.

It is a simple, idyllic design but extremely complete and capable of providing users’ features. You will find in the Svago ZGR a quality frame with unremarkable leather upholstery.

The Svago ZGR SV-395 is a good zero gravity recliner with heat and massage to treat and reduce pain conditions. The chair comes with surrounding vibration buttons that gently massage tired areas and relieve stress and fatigue with the push of a button.

Svago ZGR Plus SV-395 Zero Gravity Recliner - details

Besides, you can also set the temperature for elementary and convenient massage modes.

On the other hand, the headrest angle of the zero gravity chair can manually adjust itself directly. This way, you can be more active in your poses and get a better therapeutic effect.

In addition, the armrests are pretty sturdy to help you quickly switch positions to suit the massage mode you choose.

  • New and unique design
  • Full body massage mode
  • Get the good therapeutic effect
  • Self-adjusting neck tilt
  • Easy operation
  • Not very comfortable
  • Maximum payload 300lbs

Bottom lines

If you are passionate about the recliner’s new design and self-adjusting tilt feature, then perhaps the Svago ZGR is perfect. This zero gravity recliner chair also provides you with a fantastic massage mode and therapeutic effect.

How to Find The Best Heated Massage Recliner for Your Need

To choose the suitable recliner chair with heat and massage that suits your needs, you have to evaluate exactly what you want and what you will get from that chair. If you are wondering what to do, you can refer to some of the buying criteria below.

1. Types

Before you decide, you need to determine exactly what type of recliner you are aiming for, a rocker recliner, a power lift recliner, or a manual recliner.

Your careful research will help you choose the chair model you are looking for, saving you time making judgments and costs.

You should avoid choosing the wrong model, causing a lot of effort and shipping costs. For example, if you are a person who likes to lie flat and experience the heated massage mode, you can completely direct yourself to some high-end recliner models. They are products that can provide you with such features.

2. Upholstery

Upholstery material is an essential criterion for choosing a recliner that you need to consider if you don’t want to reupholster it after a short period of use. A perfect recliner is said to be quality if it is of synthetic polyurethane leather.

This faux leather material allows you to have a great experience during the use of the recliner. It is comfortable, smooth, and soft, and it also helps keep the heat well when you start the heating mode.

However, this material still causes some minor annoyances. In many cases, it causes adhesion between the leather and the seat surface, which is annoying.

But it would help if you still chose a chair with this material because they are more impeccable than all other materials in terms of features and usage time.

3. Weight Capacity

In common, with the criterion of weight capacity, it will largely depend on the needs of your individual or family.

You should consider the maximum weight of family members and choose accordingly. If you weigh a lot, you can select recliners with compatible weight capacity and vice versa.

4. Seat Size and Overall

On the market, there are countless recliners of different sizes with contrasting textures.

What you need to do is evaluate whether the size is right for you or not. As for the seat size, you can consider whether you use one or more people.

If you are an average person who can choose a medium size, and of course if you have many people, you should use recliners with a slightly larger seat, at least for two people to relax.

On the other hand, you will choose them based on the space you intend to arrange for the overall size.

With ample room, you can comfortably select large or small chairs as you like. However, a small space forces you to find the right recliner size and arrange it with that space. That’s why people often buy wall hugger recliners for small rooms.

5. Heating and Massage Functions

Massage and heating are both essential for a recliner. If you need chairs that can provide you with full body massage, you should consider choosing a recliner with many massage points with many different modes.

Thus, it will help you feel comfortable, and satisfied with what you desire.

On the contrary, if you simply want to relax and do not care much about the heating and massage mode, you can choose a cheaper recliner.


You can find out more information through the FAQ section below! They will bring you in-depth and valuable knowledge.

Are heated massage recliners worth buying?

Totally worth buying! Owning a recliner with heat and massage is essential to provide you with comfort and effective pain relief. Especially on cold winter days, it becomes even more critical. You can warm your body in the perfect recliner.

Can heating and massage functions work separately?

They can be fully operated separately with simple setup operations on the recliner’s controller. This feature allows users to feel more comfortable and at ease.

Is it bad to use a massage chair too much?

In general, we should not overuse massage recliners. It will even cause some muscle and joint problems.

In addition, if you use it a lot, it will quickly degrade the engine system of the recliner. You should come up with a reasonable use plan, not too much and not too little.


Finding a heated massage recliner that meets every aspect from aesthetics to functionality is not easy. If it could be found, it would probably be quite expensive. So, carefully consider your needs and financial capabilities before making the final decision. Hopefully, the best heated massage recliners that we have shared above will be of help to you. The above recliners are elite chair models, and you can choose with confidence.

Thank you for reading!

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