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5 Chairs That Go Well With Glass Dining Tables

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A glass dining table is the perfect choice to meet both beauty and convenience for users. Many people think that this material is fragile and a bit dangerous for families with small children. But in fact, today’s technology has created quality tempered glass that can withstand impacts to an acceptable level.

Not stopping there, the glass tables are very flexible in terms of easy matching with different chair styles. Only through the combination of chairs, your dining room is completely different. What are the best chairs for glass dining tables?

Take a look at some suggestions below!

Best Chairs for Glass Dining Tables

Dining chairs are very diverse in designs and styles. Therefore, it is very simple for you to choose a set of chairs that go with your glass table and current dining room design. You can choose one of the five styles below.

1. Glass Chairs

glass chairs and glass dining table
BuiltIN studio

The simple and never out-of-date option is the glass chair. Tables and chairs with the same material will bring a harmonious combination and overall detail. Your whole house will become much younger and lighter thanks to this set of glass tables and dining chairs.

The perfect glass chair should go with the iron in the same color. If you have a clear glass table, the chair should be the same color. If your tabletop has a pattern, your chair should have a similar pattern as well.

This arrangement will bring harmony for the duo to go together. Better yet, you should opt for the most minimalistic designs. As such, they are also easy to identify with your home and can last for years.

2. Straight Back Upholstered Chairs

white Milan dining chairs and glass table with chrome legs

Upholstered chairs and metal legs are also simple yet sophisticated suggestions. There will be many different designs with such textures, but you should choose products that have the characteristics of connecting to the glass table to create correlation and harmony.

For example, chair legs and table legs of the same material, color, and style are a perfect suggestion. You should choose a high table and chair to create a more elegant feeling with this type of chair. Designs that are too short can make them feel cramped.

In addition, dining room chairs should have a high backrest to be more comfortable when sitting and bring elegance. If you still follow the policy of formal and modern, white is very suitable to express this.

3. Metal Chairs

Metal Chairs with glass table

Upholstered dining chairs combined with a patterned metal frame are very popular in home interiors. They are also the perfect diving chair to go with a glass table.

The highlight of these chairs is the pattern details on the back. Depending on your preferences to choose the design, the pattern details in the chair should also be on the table. Plus, the metal color of the chair and table should also be the same.

Your table and chairs will look quite out of place if one side uses white and the other uses black. To add an accent, the mattress in the sitting position should be lighter than the color of the legs.

For example, if you use black chair legs, the upholstery will be the brighter color. Or they can be black with some lighter textures in them.

4. Bucket Chairs

Contemporary Dining Room with beige bucket chairs and glass table
Sofia Joelsson Design

Bucket chairs are not too strange for furniture lovers. They look very luxurious and beautiful. Of course, bucket chairs and glass tables are a must-have combination.

If you choose this type of chair, the table should be round. Because these chairs don’t look tall and seem a bit round, they’re not suitable for square or rectangular tables.

In terms of color, you should choose the color according to the design of the room. However, white or cream color can be considered the best choice of this dining room chair style.

5. Wood Chairs

rustic wood dining chairs with glass table
Elad Gonen

Furniture cannot be without wood. Products made from this material are both soft, rough and classic, and modern. Of course, they also go well with a glass dining table if you know how to coordinate.

It will be very rough if you use simple wooden chairs with a simple square glass table. To make things more connected, you should still choose a table with wooden legs. However, the wooden legs should be sculpted and curved to look softer.

A round table can be a suitable suggestion for wooden chairs. Besides, the chair will have a stylized design to create a fancy.

In particular, the chair and table legs must be the same color. Light color tones will help the typing and the glass blend together better.

How to Choose Dining Chairs for a Glass Table

Beauty comes from harmony, so a beautiful table and unique chairs are not necessarily an attractive whole. You need to know how to choose the right chair for the glass table to avoid falling into a state of incompatibility.

1. Color

In design, color is the most important factor. What if you have a white table but choose a red chair? If these two colors go together in fashion as a masterpiece, they are a disaster in the interior.

Therefore, you should ask consultants to assist in choosing colors to help the furniture look more harmonious. Otherwise, apply this small tip; it’s simple but always true in all cases.

Choose chairs that are the same color as the table if it is a glass chair. As for chairs or metal, they must be the same color as the table legs. For upholstered chairs, the cushion color should be light colors such as white or cream.

It may sound monotonous and boring at first, but if you apply this way, you will always have a delicate, luxurious, and special dining table and chairs that always match the room.

2. Design

One thing you cannot ignore when choosing a dining chair for a glass table is the style. If you have an Asian-style table, the chairs should also follow this style. Thus, you will have a perfect combination.

A table with a modern and simple design, the chair must also have a similar structure. If a table has many patterns and textures, then the chair needs to have some details related to the table.

3. Size

When choosing dining room chairs, you have to pay attention to the size. They need to correlate with your desk. The overall dimensions of the chair are not related to the height of the chair above the floor.

Ideally, these chair heights should be no lower than 12 inches above your tabletop. If your table is clothed, the seating position of the chair should be no less than 7 inches below the apron.

With square tables, you should choose dining chairs 12 inches taller than the table to create more elegance and space. For interior tables, chairs need to prioritize width over height. Thus, the chair will not look disjointed compared to the table.

4. Matching

To bring more variety and originality to your design, you can combine two different types of chairs with a glass table. In this way, the table needs to be more delicate and meticulous.

At this point, you choose a chair for the table and need to be in harmony with the rest of the room. If your dining table and bar are in the same room, you should consider matching your dining chairs and bar stools.

If you choose an upholstered dining chair, the outgoing chair can also be a wooden one. However, these two types of chairs must be the same height and width. Besides, the upholstered chair legs should be wood of the same color as the wooden chair and table legs.

Besides, you need to choose a mainstream chair that takes up more quantity than the other design. Better yet, the seats with fewer seats are placed in special positions to create accents. Indiscriminate placement can confuse the viewer.

Marching Dining Room Chairs and Glass Table Ideas

red chairs and glass table

Contemporary Bucket Chairs and Glass Dining Table

Stainless Steel Glass Top Dining Table and White Chrome Chairs

blue velvet dining chair and rectangular glass table


Each person will have their aesthetic taste and desire. So, you will personally have the chairs that go best with glass dining tables, unlike everyone else. Whatever your choice, you just need to know how to coordinate it. And you can create a beautiful and impressive dining table set.

If you are not good at this field or are still struggling to find the perfect choice, you can refer to the suggestions and tips mentioned above. Hope you soon choose the right dining chairs for your glass table to create a warmer family dining space.

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