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What Color Accent Chair Goes with Blue Sofa?

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You need a lot of thinking to mix and match furniture colors, as in the majority of cases, seeking the right complementing colors may appear challenging.

As sofas take up a large space and are a prominent furniture piece in a room, any mismatching is easy to notice. So ensure the accent chair color doesn’t overshadow when combined with your couches.

What color chairs will go with a blue sofa? Blue can team with almost any color, from bright tones, like bright orange or yellow to more neutral or darker hues, like black, beige, dark green, or gray. If you don’t want too much color, wooden chairs are all you need.

Each combination comes with an example so that you can imagine how the colors look together. Keep reading!

Best Accent Chairs for Blue Sofas

Blue is a royal color, featuring a vivid look. A blue hint can make your entire room appear brighter and more vibrant.

colorful chairs with blue couch

That’s why you need to find a complementing color that would not get subdued or overshadowed when standing next to blue.

Many decorators choose to lean toward brighter tones, like orange or yellow, so that blue sofas do not turn up too attention-seeking or too strong.

There’s an increasing trend of opting for dark-colored chairs to create a prominent contrast.  It’s classy and has a unique vibe as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the color combinations largely rely on your interior’s theme.

To generate a softer, more elegant ambiance, you can choose dark colors, like gray or dark green. If you want to desire a vibrant theme, pick shades of yellow or orange.

So, let’s walk through detailed examples for each combination and choose whatever pleases your taste.


Follow one of the color ideas below to feel satisfied with your beautiful blue sofa.


gray accent chair with blue couch
Gray chairs go well with all shades of blue sofas.

Grayish shades work well with any blue hue, and gray is a very popular color for accent chairs. There is a broad range of gray shades that will team perfectly with a blue couch set.

This color can tone down and maintain a decent balance of the overall interior ambiance. If your sofa has a fairly brighter blue shade, a gray accent chair set will steer your color scheme clear of being overly vibrant.

Bright Orange

orange accent chairs with blue couch
Bright and blue are a fun combination.

Do you want an insane color pop in the living room? Place them in bright orange couches.

Orange does not suit a large crowd, but this hue and blue pair amazingly with the other. It will both liven up your entire room and emphasize the contradiction between these two colors, making the room appear warmer, less mundane, and adding a modern touch.


yellow accent chairs with blue couch
Dark blue couch and yellow chairs give a classic atmosphere.

Sunny yellow accent armchairs are ideal for light blue sofas, particularly in a living room and dining room combo. This combination allows you to play around with colors without messing up or overcoloring.

Dark navy blue and goldenrod yellow are also a great combination if you wish to make it deeper.

Dark Green

green accent chairs with blue couch
Dark green applies to blue more than brighter shades.

A regal dark shade of green will suit royal blue better than brighter green. Though a brighter shade might be quite complementing, muted, dark green can bring out your blue sofa’s beautiful vibrancy.

You might suppose royal blue and dark green are pretty similar, yet they have subtle differences in colors. Should you be unsure about your color scheme, try choosing a different green shade like moss green. It also ties up perfectly with blue.


beige accent chairs with blue couch
Beige lends a more low-key look.

Tan and beige are neutral, hence fitting with any shade. If you’re seeking more humble, low-key options, beige and tan are a perfect idea.

Neutral-colored chairs are also easier to dress up with throws and pillows if you wish. A plus point is that they can pair with any interior theme.

With neutral colors and blue, you can generate a calming ambiance and cool effect in your room.


black accent chairs with blue couch
The black + blue combo features a minimalist vibe.

Blue sofas and black chairs are a pleasant combination delivering a sleek vibe in your living room.

Just by decorating your furniture with zebra print pillows and a rug, you can create a stylish yet fun room. Don’t worry about black making your space too ominous.

Adding your own style when dressing the chairs up will help reduce the darkness. It’s also a brilliant idea to mix different furniture textures.


wood accent chairs with blue couch
Wooden chairs are always a safe yet effective solution.

Do you want to make it simple with couches that are specifically for accents or aesthetics? Go all wood. Wood chairs not only lend a classic look but also allow extra seating.

You can either style them with cushions with cool prints for added comfort or just leave them purely as they are. Wooden chairs also give your room a touch of nature.


stripe white accent chair goes with blue sofa
Striped chairs make your room appear softer.

A delicate floral in green and pink would look nice with a gentle robin’s egg light blue chair. Even deeper periwinkle blue chairs are also a charming accessory for your blue sofa.

Layer up pattern and texture, like a geometric wallpaper or sheer curtains. These patterns can help deter the overall look from showing up too sterile.


leather accent chairs with blue couch
Leather chairs with blue sofa

You can go for mid-century-style furniture with a combination of leather, wood, and metal to create a beautiful retro vibe. Who would not fall in love with a retro ambiance? This mix is effortlessly stylish.

Our recommendation is to centralize the room on century-style dark blue sofas and emphasize the focal point with patterned cushions, a rug, and a fuchsia throw. Also, a brass lamp will add coziness and highlight the navy sofas’ richness.


Interior and furniture design takes time, effort, and a lot of consideration, but it is a rewarding job. Many factors matter regarding setting a room to desirable perfection, such as area rugs, coffee tables, pillows, curtains, etc.

When combining blue with other colors, you should be thoughtful to deter blue from overpowering or overshadowing other muted, lighter furniture.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the most suitable accent chairs for your blue sofa.

Thank you for reading!

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