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Interior designing is a field that concentrates on decorating the insides of your house, matching and suiting your aesthetics. It is a form of art and a professional career option. Interior designing is often an under-rated field that has not gained much importance in recent years. However, career opportunities are endless for the talented ones. Here are top 10 career opportunities if you have a professional degree under your name

Tech Designers

Interior designing is about thinking out of the box, and this is not something that you can learn from textbooks. The approach of creating technical designs for a company is holistic and is a potential career option.


Model Maker

Professional architects, graphic designers and fashion designers require models to showcase their work, and most of them are not talented enough to make models of their art. This is where the role of interior designers comes into the picture. You can hire someone, or can take personal interest to do it on your own.


The options and opportunities to put your best work on the internet is a great way to kickstart your business and excel in the field.

Stage Designer or Stage Interior Designer

Stage Interior Designer

The need for stage designers and designers for series, movies and shows is ever increasing. Hence, you can either consider doing an internship with reputed channels or take it up as a full-time career option.

Product designer

Your fine eye for detail and the technical knowledge of the various aspects of interior designing will aid as a product designer for commodities like rugs, lights and many more.

Furniture Designer

Furniture is a particular niche of interior designing and can be put to good use to concentrate on designing furniture. You can either start working for a company or create a freelance business or boutique of your own.

Working for a design firm

The best and the most creative places to work are the design firm and architectural firms. The atmosphere is highly infectious and gets your creative cells working extensively for day and night. It also a great way to kickstart your career and gain some perspective into the world design and decoration. You can either consider working as an intern or a temporary interior designer can give you a broad perspective of the field, after which you can narrow down to the niche you’re interested in.

Freelance interior designer

Freelance interior designer

Once you feel you’ve gained enough experience with the chaos of interning and learning A to Z of interior designing, you can jump to freelancing and become your boss. Of course it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds, but the scope or interior designers to revamp and redecorate living spaces, hotels, schools, malls etc., are gaining interest and it is the best career option as an interior designer.


If you’re an out of the box thinker and a creative mind, then this field is for you. Depending on the country and residence, opportunities may vary. However, that shouldn’t stop you from extending your wings and fly high.

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